Travel, Study, Eat – Finding the Balance Outside of College

Master the art of balancing travel, study, and delicious eats outside of college. Navigate life’s flavors with practical tips for a harmonious journey.

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Finding a balance in your studies and outside of college is the key to a healthy and happy life. A well-balanced life ensures that you finish your academic tasks while leaving time for self-care, social life, travel, and other things that improve your quality of life. Unfortunately, this sounds like an impossible task to many students. But we are about to help you find a solution! 

Travel, Study, Eat - Finding the Balance Outside of College

Challenges That Keep Students Back From Balancing Their Lives

Academic Load

Your academic performance is doubtless the most pivotal aspect of your college life. Students must deal with intense schedules, rigorous coursework, and a hefty homework load. Managing it all is hard on your own. Thus, students often focus 100% of their time on keeping up with the load. And the only way to reduce it is to seek assistance when needed. Luckily, you can turn to a trusted term paper writing service to get the help you need. It can help you prioritize a healthy life-study balance while continuing to score high grades.

High Expectations

While the workload in college is high, the expectations for you are even higher. Students must deal with a lot of pressure from their teachers, parents, and peers. They are expected to juggle all their assignments efficiently and get good grades every day. Striving to meet these high expectations, young people often neglect their health, rest, and social lives. 

However, they often get into a vicious circle of working at their limits, experiencing burnout, and not being able to meet expectations due to chronic stress and a lack of time. In the end, this can lead to self-doubt and hinder your ability to succeed academically.


Apart from external factors that students can’t control, internal challenges may not let you achieve the much-needed balance. One of the biggest ones is procrastination. According to figures, 80–95% of college students procrastinate. 

And nearly 50% admit that they procrastinate permanently and problematically. Consistent procrastination makes it even harder to handle an intense load. It also causes much more stress, decreasing your quality of life.


You have a lot of distractions in college. You must most likely put up with noise and chit-chat in a dorm. Also, you must constantly resist the temptation to check your phone every 10 minutes. These and many other distractions can make dealing with your daily chores incredibly hard. And if you don’t get rid of them, you will likely become less productive and never find the balance you are looking for simply because you can’t organize your time wisely.

4 Tips for Finding the Balance

So, you already acknowledge the challenges that don’t let you balance your life in and outside of college. What’s next?

Although this problem is common and quite pressing, there are ways to overcome it. Below are a few tips to help you get on the right track.

1. Explore stress-management techniques

Stress is one of the biggest hurdles to a balanced life. When you are stressed, you can’t be your most productive self. Respectively, you can’t complete all your tasks and carve out time for other essential things, such as rest or social life. On top of that, excessive stress results in a variety of other issues, such as mental health problems, weakened immune systems, and others.

To reduce stress and live your best life in college, all you need to do is find stress-management techniques that work for you. It can be physical activity, meditation, breathing techniques, and other tactics. Try different options to find what works best for you.

2. Improve your sleep patterns

It’s neither new nor rare for college students to be deprived of sleep. Often, young people neglect sleep for the sake of work, studies, or other activities. Although this can work as a one-time solution when you need to get something done ASAP, it only causes harm in the long run.

When you don’t get adequate hours of sleep per night, you are more stressed, less alert, and less energetic. This can hinder the clarity of your thinking and your productivity. So, if you want to have time for everything, including studying, traveling, resting, and so on, you need to improve the quality of your sleep in the first place.

3. Find your perfect time management style

Wise time management is the key to productivity and balance. When you can organize your time, you can handle your academic tasks easier and still have time left for your life outside of college.

To make this real, you only need to explore different time management styles and pick one that works for you. Some common techniques include:

  • Time blocking;
  • Pomodoro;
  • Parkinson’s law;
  • Eisenhower matrix, etc.

These time-management styles can help you organize your days wisely and make the most of every minute. Feel free to test different options to pick the right one for you. Consider finding a time management app designed in a chosen style to simplify it.

4. Reward yourself

Don’t forget about positive reinforcement once you get on the right track in your studies and life. This psychological trick implies rewarding behaviors that we want to be repeated, and it works great for keeping you motivated, productive, and in perfect balance.

The trick is simple. Amid your daily chores and academic matters, don’t forget to recognize your successes and regularly reward yourself with small (and big) nice things. The rewards can range from a movie night with no studies, work, or small self-care rituals to material rewards, such as buying yourself a new pair of shoes. The positive effect of this trick on your inner balance, health, and wellness is always worth the effort.

In Conclusion

A solid balance between academics, work, and social life in college is your pathway to success, inner peace, and a bright and fulfilling life. Now, you have the knowledge and practical skills that should help you bring harmony to your college life. So don’t wait; use these tips!

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