Fab Kids Subscription Box Review

This is my very first Fab Kids Subscription box. Mommy and I got a free trial coupon in our Citrus Lane box last month and decided to use it.

Right now I’m currently doing Citrus Lane, Bluum and Stork Stack boxes. Maybe Mommy can get me one more box? This is going to have to be really good.

Mommy and I took the quiz and chose our outfit and waited patiently for our box to arrive. Our box took approximately 6 days from the date of ordering. When it did arrive mommy as usual took her good old time opening the box while I sat patiently waiting.

On the inside of my box was the Love Blue Heart outfit that mommy and I had chosen for our first box.

Our first item was the Black Zip Heart Print Dress in XXS. Mommy was worried because of the price that the clothes would feel cheap and not of any great quality. Boy was mommy shocked! The material was thick, perfect for the cooler months and the quality was amazing. Not those cheap see through cotton but a very well made dress

Next was the Fab Soft Legging in XXS and once again mommy was blown away by the quality of the legging. It was certainly something that I could wear and plan on wearing not indoors but outdoors. I’m thinking the next time we go to the movies. 

Last I got my Heart Print Headband. It doesn’t really match but being the fashionable toddler I am, I’m going to start the trend of not matching. After all you really don’t have to match your outfits all the time.

Now Fab Kids age ranges from 2 – 12 years of age. Because of my supermodel baby height I’m able to fit into their size 2 or XXS sizes. I also looked great in my outfit! I just had to get my pair of Uggs to go along with it. They are my favorite boots by far and I hate taking them off. 

One of the great feature of Fab Kids is that if I don’t like the outfit my personal stylist chose I can mix and match my outfits. Shipping is free, and so are returns. Awesome!

Mommy and I have decided that we’re going to keep our Fab Kids subscription for a little bit longer. I convinced mommy after I took my photo. See how cute I look? Wouldn’t you have gotten it for me too? I also now have my very own personal stylist

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