Dressing for Comfort & Style This Summer

Let’s face it, dressing well in incredible heat is not an easy task. Either you look perfect for work and are internally, and probably externally, burning up, or you feel uncomfortably informal but not overheated. Finding a happy medium may feel nearly impossible. The good news is, making this summer your best dressed season is entirely possible with a few helpful tips and tricks.


Packing for a summer trip can be a doozy. Traveling light, staying cozy, and keeping a stylish look can be a complicated combination. That’s why it’s important to:

  • Pack with a purpose! Bring summer clothes that you’re sure will work for multiple occasions if you’re trying to pack light. If you’re able to pack a few complete outfits, pack a mixture of casual pieces and more formal attire. For instance, women’s Hawaiian shirts go perfectly with skirts, shorts, and pants and can be paired with a jacket or cardigan for a more put-together look. This way, you have the option to dress up or down depending on the occasion.
  • Versatility is key. If you can use those pieces in multiple ways, you’ll save yourself packing space and trouble. Travel with versatile classics whenever possible. Pieces like a maxi dress, a wrap dress, your favorite cotton tee, and a pair of warm-weather leggings can go a long way. 
  • Don’t worry about looking like a travel slob. When traveling in the heat of the summer, prioritizing your comfort isn’t a negative thing. Keep your more “dressed-up” items in your luggage, where they can stay wrinkle-free, clean, and free of strange travel aromas. If you want to make the most of your casual travel attire, use comfortable accessories to give your look more pizzazz.

At Work

Quite possibly, the trickiest situation is balancing professionalism with comfort. Between balancing keeping it classy and keeping cool, summer work clothing takes thought. It’s best to start out feeling free of restrictions. Think outside of the box and understand what fabrics will work best in the heat. Some suggestions?

  • Midi-skirts are your new best friend. Sometimes wearing slacks or pants is unbearable in the warmth. Even our A/C-pumped offices can become full-sized saunas. That’s where the midi-skirt comes in. These hit right below the knee, meaning you won’t have to worry about moving around and accidentally showing a little too much skin at the office. Never worry again about pulling down a hiked-up skirt or feeling like you’re boiling in your pant legs. Not only do Midi’s give you that professional look, but they dress up a casual cotton shirt or blouse.
  • Loose fabrics make all the difference. If you love the button-up shirt and pant look, keep it cool with loose, airy fabrics. Try out wide-leg trouser pants and a flowy blouse. Get that air flowing from the start of your day till you leave the office. 
  • Never underestimate the power of the white button-up. The white button-up will forever be a classic. Although they can be tough to keep clean, it’s relatively easy to keep the stress of the day invisible in the underarm region. 

Your Day Off

Away from the office is a perfect excuse to get fun with your summer outfits and still stay comfortable. Try out new things, seek out new textures, and see what works for you.

  • Jumpsuits are in, and they are surprisingly comfortable. There’s nothing better than putting on one article of clothing and getting your day started. And because jumpsuits are having a moment, ease and comfort won’t mean compromising style. Dress it up with a sleek updo, a light blazer, and a pair of flats, and there you have it. A full look with minimal effort.
  • Swap the skinny jeans for a nice pair of shorts. Some people are able to wear jeans all year, and to those individuals, I say kudos. However, not all of us are so fortunate. Swap out those jeans for breathable nylon, rayon, or cotton shorts. Keep them simple or bright, wear them with or without tights, and let your legs bask in the glory of the summer sun. But, of course, wear sunscreen. 

In Conclusion

It may take a bit of patience, but you can find comfortable summer pieces that will carry you through those “too hot for life” sort of days. When the weather cools back down, be sure to take your clothes to a dry cleaner (if necessary), give them a good final wash at home, and store them properly until next summer. That way, you can utilize those trusted summer pieces for years to come.

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