Don’t Forget your PEEPS this Holiday 2014

You know the holidays are here when you see your favorite PEEPS in stores. After all it couldn’t possibly be the holidays without these adorable marshmallow treats. There’s an even bigger treat in store this holiday season. The lovable minions from one of my favorite movie, The Despicable Me, has taken over nearly the entire PEEPS Holiday collection for 2014. Meet the three official PEEPS Taste Testers: Stuart, Kevin and Dave – who are busy making sure PEEPS holiday treats are impeccable stocking stuffers, colorful additions to baked goods and adorable accents to art projects.

I was sent an entire box of PEEPS and I have to tell you that they only lasted two days. Between my brothers and I, I was actually amazed that they lasted that long. After all who can resist PEEPS. Now here I am to introduce to you the new 2014 Holiday Collection.

PEEPS Marshmallow Minions:

To honor the PEEPS Minions taste testers, for the first time PEEPS created a Minion-shaped marshmallow reflecting their fun PEEPSONALITY, plus there is a limited edition comic on the back of the package made exclusively for PEEPS by Universal Studios. You can collect all three! 

SRP: $1.29 – $1.69 for a six count package

 PEEPS Marshmallow Trees:

These green tree-shaped holiday marshmallow are decorated with red, yellow and blue garland and topped with a star. They totally look like Christmas trees and they taste really good too. Even the mint tree that is covered with milk chocolate. I think that was my favorite tree.

SRP: $0.79 – $0.99 for individually wrapped trees

SRP: $0.79 – $0.99 for three count packages

SRP: $1.39 – $1.69 for nine count packages

PEEPS Gingerbread-Flavored Marshmallow Gingerbread Men:

Who doesn’t love gingerbread men? I know that I certainly do and PEEPS has introduced these gingerbread flavored marshmallow in smiling gingerbread men shapes.

SRP: $0.79 – $0.99 for three count package

SRP: $1.49 – $1.69 for six count package

PEEPS Candy Cane Flavored Marshmallow Chicks

Peppermint flavored marshmallow chicks remind the Minions of sweet candy cane bliss. There’s even a candy cane flavored marshmallow chick dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with red speckles which is available in a 3 count package. 

SRP: $1.69 – $2.29 for a ten count package

SRP: 1.99 – $2.49 for a three count package 

PEEPS Marshmallow Snowmen:

Fluffy snowmen-shaped marshmallows come to life in this larger new size for 2014; the Minions also decorated the snowmen with a red scarf and black buttons. The regular sized snowmen comes adorned with top hats and candy cane decorations.

SRP: $1.69 – $2.29 for a one count package (large)

SRP: $1.09 – $1.69 for a three count package (large)

SRP: $0.79 – $0.99  for three count package

SRP: $1.39 – $1.69 for nine count package 

PEEPS Chocolate Mousse-Flavored Marshmallow Reindeer:

I have to admit that these were almost too cute to eat. These chocolate-mousse flavored marshmallow has a red nose and has a classic reindeer shape.

SRP: $1.49 – $1.69 for a six count package

PEEPS Milk Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookie Flavored Chicks

These bakery-inspired Sugar Cookie flavored marshmallow chicks comes dipped in mouthwatering milk chocolate. I love sugar cookies and these were amazing!

SRP: $1.99 – $2.49 for a three count package

PEEPS Hot Cocoa & Cream Flavored Marshmallow Dipped Chicks in White Fudge

These are new for 2014, delectable hot cocoa inspired marshmallow chicks dipped in white fudge – the Minions fully approve of this fireside indulgence.

SRP: $1.99 – $2.49 for a three count package. 

PEEPS Holiday Rainbow POP

These are four assorted green, white and red festive marshmallow chicks on a stick. I couldn’t wait to get my little teeth in this. 

SRP: $1.99 – $2.29 for a four count package

You’re going to want to get your hands on these special limited edition PEEPS. Grab them before they disappear.

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