6 Creative And Easy Activities To Engage Your Kids

Kids are so full of energy and are always curious. However, as adults, parents have a lot of responsibilities and workloads in their hands. This leaves them with a shorter time to spend with their kids. But, time is vital to form good initial bonds between parents and children. This way, the latter is likely to grow more independent, resilient, and happier adults. This leaves parents wondering how they can engage their children.

Creative and Easy Activities to Engage Kids

For many, gadgets are their go-to solution. It’s understandable, though, because as adults, they make things convenient for us. Through this, we can easily learn new things, communicate, and even entertain ourselves. True enough, gadgets are very helpful for us adults. But it’s not a good solution to keep our children engaged as they need enough physical and cognitively stimulating activities every day.

So, what kind of activities should you give them then? Here are a few tasks you might want to consider.

  1. Colors

Kids are always fascinated with colors. I bet your walls will testify to that.

Art is one of the excellent mediums for them to exhibit their imagination, and it’s an integral part of their brain’s development. Additionally, it is a great way to engage them, be it indoors or outdoors.

Art is always an exciting activity for children. So, to keep them engaged, try to give them painting or drawing materials. You can ask them to draw things they like, such as their favorite cartoon characters; let them copy a photo, or just let them draw from their imagination.

Doing this will not only let them express themselves through art. This will also let them hone their artistic skills as they grow up.

  1. Paper Craft

Speaking of art, like introducing colors to your kids, paper craft activities will allow them to express and enhance their creativity too. And the best part of it is that this kind of activity helps you teach your child how to recycle too.

For this kind of activity, you can start by crafting small things, such as paper planes, and boats, to name a few. Once they learn it, you can gradually introduce new ideas.

However, this kind of activity requires patience. Not to mention, it takes a lot of time too, which can overwhelm or bore your child.

What you can do is create something that will interest them first. Then, present it. This will help pique their curiosity, helping the both of you to get started easily with this activity.

  1. Chores

Many parents don’t usually like to involve their children with daily chores because they think that they’re still too young for it. Other parents, on the other hand, just don’t sit well with such an idea as they fear that the tasks will just take longer and harder to finish if they let their kids help.

But, actually, it’s a good activity to keep your kids engaged and, at the same time, help them learn more about responsibilities and self-reliance.

So, what you can do is assign simple tasks. You may also create a list of things to do that you and your child can work on together, such as baking, or washing the dishes. 

  1. Reading

Reading is yet another activity that you can do to keep your children engaged. This will help develop their brain, build their imagination, enhance your child’s vocabulary.

However, not everyone is fond of reading. If your child doesn’t willingly spend time with books, you can start with picture books instead, especially if he or she is too young.

Don’t forget to check the book’s content too. Your child’s book should have a vocabulary appropriate for his or her age, so it’s easier to understand. Remember, it is where you lay your child’s foundation to reading, so you have to examine its content first.

  1. Pretend-Play

Children don’t like lectures. For them to learn and engage better, you can try role-playing with them using their toys. This will develop their imagination, as well as their cognitive, physical, and emotional strength.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Kids have an innate drive for discovery. And you can use it to keep them engaged by playing a treasure hunt.

All you need are things as simple as household items that you can hide in your home as “treasures.” You can write some clues too to keep them curious and excited throughout the game.

This will require more of your time than other activities. But rest assured that your kids will be able to enhance their critical thinking and observation skills as they solve the clues you prepared.

Activities for Kids

Children will only be young once. So, parents need to spend their days with their kids doing engaging activities.

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