Creating A Relaxing Outdoor Eating Experience

Eating outside used to be reserved for great restaurants with outdoor seating and large heaters. Then plastic chairs and tables made it into the gardens of those having big summer salads in the summertime. 

But now, it is more common for people to have entire garden sections dedicated to enjoying food any time of day and at many different times of the year. Garden furniture comes in more designs than ever before. You can choose garden furniture that almost looks the same as your indoor furniture sets. 

Low set square furniture for relaxing with friends and hanging out with family, not the more traditional tables and chairs with large parasols. 

As soon as the warmer weather starts to kick in, you can add more around the eating area. 


While rugs used to be the living room domain, you are now just as likely to find an outdoor rug. Outdoor rugs are hard-wearing and designed to withstand most weather conditions. They had a lot of color and texture in the area and will make the space feel cozier. 

Choose a rug that offers a few different options in color so you can select a range of additional accessories. 

Seating arrangement 

Without a traditional table and chairs, you can set your seating area how makes the most sense to the occasion. A table in the middle and seating around it makes the most sense in many cases, but you might add outdoor beanbags and other fun types of seating. 

When serving food, it is a good idea to ensure plenty of tables that are easily accessible from all seats. Make sure the tables are sturdy, so they are less likely to fall if you have drinks. 

Shade and light 

Sitting in the sun is great, but it can quickly become uncomfortable and puts everyone at risk of sunburn. A parasol that offers a good level of UV protection and is wide enough to keep most of the seats in the shade is a good idea. 

The sun moves throughout the day, and the seating on the edges is likely to swap between being in the sun for a few hours and then not. People will most likely want to change around – those who wish for more sun and those who want less.  

As the evening comes, ensure you have a selection of lighting, including fairy lights, solar lights, and outdoor candles. Use the lighting to create a cozy and calm atmosphere while still enjoying the evening heat. 


Soft outdoor cushions, beanbags, rugs, and blankets can ensure that all of your guests or those living in the house are always comfortable. Outdoor textiles are more weather-hardy and easier to wash – so when considering buying soft items for outside, ensure that you opt for ones designed for outdoors. 

Even though you are outside, there is nothing to say that everything in the garden has to be real! Instead, you can place some fake plants around the seating area to increase the sense of secluded seating.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of ways that you can make your outdoor eating area more relaxing. From the type of furniture to the addition of accessories, everything will contribute to the perfect experience.

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