Citrus Lane – 30 Month Old Box – July 2014

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It’s that time of the month again. Since I’m too young for that time of the month, it can only be Citrus Lane time! I have been sharing my Citrus Lane boxes with you for quite some time and this month is no exception. For those who are new to Growing Up Madison and the whole subscription box thing, let me explain what Citrus Lane is all about. It is a monthly curated subscription for newborns up to age 5. Each month a box is sent to you with at least 5 items that is tailored to your child’s age. There are three subscription levels and the longer you subscribe the cheaper it becomes. Subscription starts at $29.99/monthly. If you are interested in seeing what I got my last box, you can take a look at my 29th Month Old Box.

I was a bit surprised this month by the size of the box. It was unusually small but I have gotten small boxes before that was truly awesome. I couldn’t wait to open and see what was on the inside.

Once again there’s that “Hello” card from Citrus Lane and this month it read:

Travel season is in full swing, so we wanted to send some of our favorite items for on-the-go. Whether you’re taking your little one on a family vacation, or spending the day at the zoo or the park, we hope that the items we’ve chosen make your time out of the house more enjoyable. 

I opened the box and what a disappointment. This is the first time I have truly been disappointed in a Citrus Lane box. Without further ado let me get into what I got this month.

North American Bear Company Goody Bag – Vanilla Cookie Plush – $11.99

We’ve found that little girls absolutely adore mimicking their mommies, and how better to look like mom than with a handbag slung over the shoulder. This Goody Bag is the perfect first accessory so that your little girl can keep track of all her “treasures”. Soft and stylish (not to mention adorable) it’s fully lined, equipped with tricot handles and closes with Velcro. But, unlike mom’s, it totally machine washable. Use code CITRUS20 for 20% off and Free Shipping on any purchase of $25 or more at thru 8/29/14.

I do love looking like mommy. Lately I have been walking around in her shoes and even trying on her clothes. They are super big but I just love doing it anyway. I plan on taking this with me whenever we go out so I can look more like her. This isn’t my first little handbag but it is by far one of the cutest, and I do love North American Bear Company products.

Peachy Aqueduck Faucet Extender – $9.99

Hand washing is an important thing to teach little ones – after playing outside, going potty, or before eating. However giving kids a boost to reach the water can be difficult, not to mention hard on your back. Bathroom stools are great but this product is a fantastic addition to the stool or to take with you when you’re out and about. After using it, you’ll never know how you lived without it.  Use code citruslane for 20% off at thru 8/31/2014

While mommy and I liked this we didn’t think that it was necessary. I do have a stool and I’m actually tall enough to reach the bathroom sink and wash my hands without assistance. It does look pretty cool when it flows into the sink but once again I didn’t think it was necessary. Mommy also don’t see us taking this with us when we go out either. We’ve been surviving well enough without it thus far.

Oogaa Silicone Placemat – $8.99

Toddlers are messy eaters, and sometimes it’s easier to just feed them off of the table or high chair tray instead of using a plate, which is likely to be thrown to the floor. This silicone placemat from Oogaa is a great solution for at home or travel, and perfectly sized for little ones. The soft silicone stays put, and you can bring along washable markers to draw on the placemat. BPA free, no sharp edges, dishwasher safe. Use code CITRUS07 for 25% off your entire order at thru 9/01/2014

Here was another product that we weren’t impressed with. Seriously who really takes a placemat when they go out to eat? I know mommy doesn’t. I also have quite a few placemats so while it’s cute and I appreciate Citrus Lane sending it to me, this again wasn’t really necessary. After all how many placemats does one little kid need? 

Plum Organics Mighty 4 Pouch – $1.99

Pouches are a great way to get nutrition into increasingly picky eaters. We like Plum Organics Mighty 4 pouches because they’re a healthy blend of four food groups – fruits, veggies, grains, and Greek yogurt. We also like to pop them in the freezer for a refreshing treat on hot summer days. Use code CLMighty4Pouch for 25% off any Mighty 4 Pouch at thru 9/30/2014.

I love Plum Orgnanic products and usually mommy would get them for me. They are super handy for when we go out and make a really great snack. While they can be eaten at room temperature they do taste a lot better cold.

Pur~Lisse Pur~Protect SPF 30 – Sample Size

As busy moms, we remember to put sunscreen on the kiddos but often neglect our own skin. This light-weight, nourishing moisturizer includes SPF 30 so you can use it daily and not have to worry about too much sun exposure. Great for the summer months or year round to help protect from every day rays. Use code Citrus30 for 30% off at thru 8/18/2014.

This was a mommy item and before my mom could even get it my big sister decided that she was going to take it. Apparently she got a sample of their product before and loved it. I assume it must be really, really good but I guess I will personally never know.

This month the total of my box was $32.96 based on Amazon prices and we did not include the sample product. The price of our subscription is $29.99 which doesn’t show much of a deal. Surprisingly the cost of the subscription recently went up from $24.99 to $29.99 and I’m very rarely disappointed in a box. This month I was. A few of the products I could have done without and I would have much preferred a book or a toy.

Here’s hoping that next months box is much better and makes up for this month’s box.

If you’re interested in getting your own box you can use my invitation and save 50% off your first box. $15 for your first box is a very good deal if you ask me. Give them a try and let me know all about it.

What is Madison wearing?

Shirt and Skirt from FabKids

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