It’s A New Life For Me And I’m Feeling Good

Feeling good starts with looking good. For a confident look, nothing is more important than your hair. But because the interest in hair styling is so high, the products on the market are saturated. Wax, gel, organic pomade, which is better? Sometimes it is difficult to choose. Your hairstyle is important to you so make sure you choose the best product for your hair.

When first used in the 1950s, pomade was hair grease. It gave a smooth, combed back look while keeping hair down, but it also caused hair damage. Because the main ingredient used was petroleum jelly, it prevented moisture from reaching the hair. This caused serious damage to the hair shaft. Also, because it was thick and heavy, it was difficult to wash, and the special shampoo used contained chemicals that could damage your hair even more. However, although it could damage your hair, it was still praised for its styling ability, hydrating appearance, and durability.

Today’s pomade is no longer made of petroleum jelly and can be washed off with daily shampoo. It uses natural oils and lighter ingredients to provide the same long-lasting and strong retention as past ointments. But it will not cause any damage to your hair. There are organic and vegan ointments currently on the market, and some stores even provide you with the function of adding or removing ingredients. This shows that pomade has taken a big step forward in the hairstyling world.

What are the benefits of using pomade?

The advantage of pomade lies in its excellent strength, which holds the hair in place. Most stylists use pomade to design curly or out-of-control hair. Apart from that, it also brings an impressive shine and moist look to your hair. This is thanks to all-natural ingredients. This proves that the pomade attaches great importance to the health of the hair.

Although pomade is not a moisturizer, it does retain extra moisture in the hair. If applied to wet hair or water-based moisturizers, the pomade will retain moisture in the hair for a long time. You can even find pomades that help your hair grow. Look for sulphur in your ingredients because it is the key to helping your hair become strong and healthy. It can also help remove hairspray that is harmful to the environment.

Is pomade better than gel?

They both perform different functions. For example:

  • Pomade is recommended for frizzy, out-of-control, or dry hair because it can provide fixed styling but still allows the hair to move freely. Although it also provides shine, it prevents your hair from looking dry.
  • On the other hand, gel is for people with fine hair because it thickens the hair and adds style and texture. The stylist always recommends that whatever you put in your hair to create your style, make sure it contains no alcohol. 

This is the difference between the two styling products. When choosing a gel, chemicals will help keep your hair in place as it will get drier. On the contrary, when choosing a pomade, it has organic ingredients that will make you look more natural and will make your hair feel silky smooth.

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