Travel Apps that You Should Download for Your 2021 Vacation

Traveling without apps on your phone can feel a bit like forgetting your luggage. It will leave you at a loss, wondering what to do or where to go next. You may carefully pack a pair of dancing shoes just in case you need them, but don’t miss downloading some of the most essential travel apps of 2021.

When you travel with the right apps, you have the building blocks of a safer, more budget-friendly, and overall more enjoyable trip. That’s because apps made specifically for travel are designed to keep you informed about places you are unfamiliar with. You can be confident and more carefree when you know what’s around you through the eyes of these important downloads. Take a look now,  at some of the most important travel apps of 2021 before you stray too far for your next vacation.


Most travel begins and ends with a flight. Finding the best ones has always been tricky. You usually need to use multiple sites that check multiple sites to compare prices and other important travel info. You usually end up with some surprises, too as you try to save the most money. Those surprises either come with hidden fees or a lessened experience. Skyscanner is an amazing way to get the best view of what is currently available for wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go. It’s easy to search and you decide what to look for and how to filter the results in a streamlined format that shows you what you want almost immediately.

The best app for booking hotels is, which is a comprehensive app that allows you to put your whole trip together from flights to car rentals. Unlike a lot of other apps, offers the same versatility of options as the actual website. The app is also very straightforward about pricing. That alone saves time provides peace of mind and helps you avoid accidentally spending too much. also has a price match guarantee and a rewards program to promote loyalty.


HotelTonight is another hotel booking app that is very good for its intended purpose. As you might guess, HotelTonight is not necessarily for planners. We all have different ways of traveling, so this is an app that is better for free spirits who are less determined to schedule things in advance. The psychology behind HotelTonight works, if you are willing to take a leap of faith in order to get the best deal. Hotels rates go down as you get closer to the reservation time. If you hold out until the last minute to book your stay, HotelTonight is your ticket to the best possible rate for day-of lodging.


There are a lot of navigation apps out there. Depending on how you travel each one has its merits. You may want good hiking trails near you or walking paths. You may instead want to know where the nearest available subway is. Roadtrippers is the ultimate navigation-based travel app for road traveling vacationers. This app helps you plan your route and alerts you to important stops along the way that you might miss. This is both a planning ap and a navigation app.

Airline App

When you travel by air it’s always better to download and use the airline’s app. You have access to the details of your flight, the communication from the airline and that provides peace of mind. The app not only keeps you informed on changes, but it also allows you to make changes yourself. Since bags are scanned, you can usually track your luggage on the flight as well.


When you travel, never underestimate the power of a good ridesharing app. Uber is still the best app for getting a ride when you need it and where you need it. Whether your travel plans include driving or not, Uber is good to have as a safety in your pocket.

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