Create A Masterpiece With These Interesting Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas!

In all our lives, our day usually starts with going to the bathroom, and on most days, it even ends with it. It is that space in the house that gets you ready for the day and that brings you to a place of tranquility after a long one. You can also refer to it as your “sacred sanctuary” because it is the place where you refresh, revive, and rejuvenate. These days, our baths are becoming more therapeutic than actual spas! If our baths are such an integral part of our day, then why not make that extra effort and make bathrooms that are welcoming and invigorating? Here are some wall decor ideas and inspirations for bathrooms that will help you make it one hell of a bathroom for yourself!

Get ‘Shelfie-Ready’ Shelves

One of the important aspects of any bathroom would be the shelves. Storage is very important to maintain the functionality of any bathroom. But modern-day bathroom ideas speak differently. Gone are the days when all our products went straight into a closed cabinet. Nowadays, these shelves can be put to better use by using them to display all the beautiful artsy buys for the bathroom and the fancy bath products you own. Floating vanities that come in quaint and beautiful designs are also all the rage right now. Use these open shelves to stock up on lovely aroma diffusers and your favorite bathroom products, and even store your towels in a fancy rolled-up style!

Tile The Walls

Installing wall tiles in bathrooms is a foolproof way of enhancing your wall decor, whilst keeping the bathroom walls safe from humidity and dampness. The benefits of installing tiles are plenty. For starters, they are super easy to clean and maintain and are also highly durable. They are built to be impervious to water and help to prevent the absorption of water into the walls. Wall tiles often come with a glazed finish, which helps make the bathrooms look elegant and attractive. There are a gazillion options for modern bathroom tiles available in various patterns, shapes, textures, and designs. You can choose the most suitable bathroom tiles from these to make your bathroom the most bedazzling corner of your home!

Be Creative With Mirrors

Every morning, when we get ready for our day, the most important tool we need to look our best is the mirror. Modern interior designers are valuing mirrors now more than ever before. Mirrors are not only functional, but they also double up as wall accents in bathrooms. Ornate frames that come in various metals and shapes elevate the look of the bathrooms. With their reflective properties, mirrors can also help make your space feel bigger, which is an added plus in small bathrooms.

Decorate The Space Above The Sink

There is just so much that you can do in terms of bathroom decor. Of course, there is always the traditional bathroom mirror, right above the sink, which is a signature interior design element and the most functional one. You can add some fun-designed wall panels, in the form of tiles, above the sink, to add some quirkiness to the bathroom. Adding quaint lamp shades above the mirrors can also help add a touch of luxe and elegance to the bathroom.

Get Creative With Bathroom Lighting

What is a bathroom without its lights? This is one interesting aspect that you can get totally experimental with. No matter what accents you have in the bathroom or what color scheme your bathroom is in, you can never really go wrong with bathroom lighting. For your bathroom, out-of-the-box lighting ideas can yield the most amazing results. Character lights that match your decor can help elevate the look of the space. Lighting options, such as LED mirror backlights, soft pastel lamp shades, or even spotlights, will do the trick and bring out the best in your bathroom.

Create A Spa-Esque View With Houseplants

Indoor plants and succulents in bathrooms have been in vogue for quite some time now and are a trend we don’t see fading in the years to come. Adding green, as a color, is vibrant and soothing, and adding plants will have a calming effect on the bathroom. Getting the right kinds of plants that favor humidity and moisture and may not need direct sunlight would be a great choice that will ease maintenance, give your bathroom a more natural look, and make them look and feel fresh and lively.

A Wall Plaque With Funny Quotes Of Bathroom Rules

They say good words are worth so much and cost so little. And funny words are even better! For those who love frames, having a wall plaque with funny quotes or bathroom rules would not only make your bathroom look appealing, but it would also make them more interactive. This is a great idea for those who want modest and minimally designed bathrooms that still have a zing.

Create Storage Space With Baskets

This is a very simple way to bring about a change – all you need are open shelves and baskets! The best part about creating a storage space with baskets is that there is no added structural cost involved and you literally need just two things! Baskets can amp up the aesthetics of the bathroom, and you will have instant storage in your space. Another benefit of using baskets as storage is that you can incorporate baskets of different sizes to accommodate your bathroom storage efficiently, giving your space a super organized and chic look.

In Conclusion

How you choose to decorate your bathroom will dictate the overall look and feel of the space. It is thus very important to map your requirements on paper, get inspired by ideas (on the internet or from magazines), do thorough research, and then execute the renovation, step by step, to create an attractive space. You can also bring an interior designer on board, depending on the scale of your budget, if you feel creatively disabled. Designing an attractive bathroom space can help stimulate your creativity and provide you with a tranquil space to relax and rejuvenate!

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