Almost Wordless Wednesday: Fun Shopping with Mommy

Mommy had a few days at home with me last week and I was really happy. I don’t get to see mommy too often with her very busy job. She leaves early in the morning and gets home pretty late so our time together isn’t what I would love it to be. Yes I would love it if mommy was a stay at home mom but that isn’t possible. Not if I want to keep on getting all the pretty stuff that mommy likes to buy for me.

We got to do some pretty fun stuff but mommy likes to shop and I like going along with her. Besides getting packages in the mail shopping for new stuff is my next best thing. Now that I’ve gotten a little bit older mommy I like walking around. Here are some photos from my shopping trip that I’m sharing with you my readers.

One of our favorite store, Gymboree, was having an amazing sale so mommy and I just had to go in. We got some really cute clothing that you may see me wearing in the not too distant future. We got stopped at Kay Jewelry Store and mommy decided to support St. Jude’s Hospital by buying one of their Teddy Bear. No jewelry for me but a teddy bear is the next best thing and one that supports a great cause too. For every bear you buy a portion goes to St. Jude Hospital to help the children there.

Next we went to ToysRUs where I bypassed all the toys and went straight to the books. Books are so much cheaper than toys though aren’t they? I ended up with a brand new book. Yay me! I must say that I had a lot of fun shopping and I can’t wait for another fun day.

Hope you’re having a Wonderful Wednesday!

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