4 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips You’ll Definitely Need This Summer

Summer is almost here and you need to be prepared for the scorching days ahead. During hot summer days, the air conditioner is the one in charge of providing you with a comfortable, cool environment inside your home. Most people even use it during the night, so it’s safe to say that the air conditioner is an important part of anyone’s home. 

That being said, it’s only fair that you pay attention to maintaining your a/c unit. This way, you make sure it does its job properly and it has a prolonged life. If you’re wondering what you have to do so that your ac unit works without any problems, in this article you’ll find out four easy tips to do just that.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Check the Air Filter

It’s hard to ignore the fact that the air around us is becoming more and more polluted, and this does affect the condition of the AC, which ultimately affects its performance. This is why checking the air filter on a regular basis is so crucial. The air filter is as important to the air conditioner as it is to your family’s health. Its role is to stop dust or any other debris from getting inside and interfering with the ac unit’s system. It’s also responsible for maintaining the air quality in your home. A dirty, clogged air filter changes the smell in your house and also lets in residue that eventually ends up inhaled. 

This can be a serious health problem for anyone, but especially for people who already have respiratory conditions. To prevent such situations, it’s mandatory that you regularly check the air filters. If it has a lot of residue on it, that’s a clear indication that it needs to be changed or cleaned. 

Pay Attention to Ice

Something that can be quite bothersome is when ice begins to collect on the AC. You’ll sometimes find your AC dripping, and this is an indicator that you need to check for ice. Ice is a very common problem that can affect your air conditioner. It’s preferable that you check frequently, and if you see any ice build up on your ac unit, then that’s a serious problem that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Chances are high that ice formed inside the air conditioner also. 

Most of the time, that is a clear indicator that the airflow is restricted, and that can be caused by a series of reasons, one of which can be clogged air filters. 

If you find yourself in a situation of discovering ice, make sure that the first thing you do is to unplug your air conditioner, let the ice melt, and call for specialized help.

Check the Drain Line

Through the drain line, all the moisture that comes as a result of the ac unit working is eliminated. That moisture forms mold and it can form algae that, in time, builds up and forms clogs, blocking the drain line. This makes the air conditioner not work properly and can even lead to ice forming. Cleaning the drain line is a simple task that prolongs the ac unit’s life. It is very easily unblocked by using a simple vacuum cleaner that sucks in all the algae and mold obstructing the line.

Use a Thermostat

Especially in summer, when temperatures rise rapidly, the air conditioners are used continuously during the day and night. This can severely affect the AC’s performance, and it’s preferable that it’s not on without any pause. A thermostat is an answer to that problem. You can set the temperature you want to have in your home, and your air conditioner will immediately begin to circulate cool air until it reaches that temperature. Once it completes this task, it stops until the temperature in the house begins to rise, and only then does it provide the cool air again. This is so simple but so effective.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

In Conclusion

With every passing year, the summer is becoming more humid and much hotter, and this is why it’s all the more important for you to consistently check on your AC’s condition and give priority to its maintenance.

As you might know, simple things matter. Your air conditioner is most definitely important for your comfort and health. Maintaining it in good condition not only helps your comfort and health but also saves you money. By making sure it runs properly and by intervening with the proper actions, when necessary, you can enjoy the cool air it brings into your home for a longer period of time and ensure it doesn’t turn into a costly problem by preventing other components from deteriorating. Follow the tips above and always seek professional assistance when you know your ac unit has a problem that you can’t resolve. This will make your life easier and your air conditioner’s life longer!

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