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Benefits of Playing with Dolls

Later today I want to share with you a really special doll that we received which actually inspired this post. If you have kids, you know how beneficial play is to them. Playing is a great way for kids to express their creativity and imagination. For many kids, playing with dolls is one of the best ways to do this. There are many benefits associated with allowing kids, both boys and girls, to play with dolls.

Encourages Imagination

It takes a lot of imagination to play with dolls and other toys. When you hand your child a doll, they immediately begin imagining all of the possibilities associated with it. Will this doll be a baby to be cared for? Will it be a friend invited over to play? The imaginative possibilities are endless to your children!

Develops Motor Skills

Playing with dolls also helps your kids develop their motor skills. When kids play with dolls, they are using muscles in their hands and fingers that promote dexterity and strength. This includes zipping and unzipping the doll’s onesie or buttoning up a play coat for the toy. All of these activities work together to help your kids develop the necessary motor skills they’ll use throughout their lives.

Fosters a Sense of Caring

When children play with dolls, they learn how to care for another being. Although a doll is not alive, children often pretend that the doll is a real baby or friend. This fosters a sense of caring in children, helping them learn how to care for others.

Boosts Independence

When a child plays with a doll, they often role play with them. This includes feeding and bathing the doll, as well as dressing and undressing it. By role playing with dolls, a child’s independence is boosted. They learn how to dress and undress themselves. They learn how to feed themselves, take care of their hygiene, and can even be encouraged to use the potty independently.

There are many benefits associated with playing with dolls.

Do you let your kids play with dolls? We’d love to hear why you choose to do so!

Annmarie John
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  1. I have all boys, so there are no dolls in our house, but I used to love playing with barbies when I was a little girl.

  2. I had so many dolls and Barbies when I was younger, it was ridiculous. I just found some from when I was a little girl, and gave them to my now little girl. It was amazing to see the difference between what dolls looked like when I was younger and what they look like now.

  3. My daughter loved playing with dolls when she was little. Not only did she use them to roleplay, we caught her trying to play duck duck goose with them.

  4. Yes! My daughter loved her dolls. She used to carry them around with her almost everywhere!

  5. That's why girls tend to be more caring than boys at an early age; it's really quite interesting!

  6. Also role playing is so important. It does give kids a sense of belonging

  7. My girls love playing with dolls. I see my littlest, who is a boy and 17mo grab their dolls all the time and hug them. They are great I remember how much I loved dolls as a kid too!

  8. So true. I am a huge fan of dolls for both boys and girls. I was actually sad when I did some doll research to find out that no doll houses came with rooms for boys.

  9. Dolls I think will teach kids how to nurture. I am all for the little ones playing with dolls

  10. I really wish Des had more interest.
    My friend here is starting a kickstarter for a line of dolls aimed more for boys (although girls can play too, obviously) and I'll be promoting her kickstarter on my blog because she's my friend and I love her message!

  11. I completely agree with you. I played with dolls my entire childhood and I think it helped prepare me for having a family because it taught me to be kind and caring.

  12. I loved my dolls when I was little. Even the ones that I ruined by ratting their hair out, I still loved playing with them. I think they're great and they should be a part of every child's toys.

  13. Being a boy I never played with dolls; however, I think you are absolutely right that there are tons of benefits of playing with dolls.

  14. My daughter plays with dolls. It is great for her imagination and can play for a long time

  15. Very true. When I was a child that role play was important to me. My son plays with stuffed animals, to him they're almost real. ;)

  16. My daughter loved all her baby dolls she had when she was little. She had a stroller to push them in.

  17. Playing with dolls is so good for imagination. My daughter loves dolls. Amber N

  18. The first thing I thought when I saw the title is that they are so good for developing empathy and caring towards others since dolls look like others! Glad you caught that as well.

  19. I agree playing is a great way to express creativity & imagination of kids. My kids have always loved Dolls like every other kids would. Role playing has been the major part, when Kids play with dolls & it surely does boosts their independence & gives a inner strength that they are not alone.

  20. I love this article! I don't yet have kids, but when I do, I'll definitely let them play with dolls - I know how much I treasured my dolls as a kid. 😃

  21. I love seeing my son play with dolls. I tell him a good daddy he is. :)


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