Unveiling the Treasures: Why You Should Visit Jordan

Immerse yourself in the magic of Jordan! Discover the reasons why you should visit—from ancient wonders to vibrant culture. Plan your adventure now!

Petra Jordan

With so many amazing destinations all over the world that you can visit whenever you want to do something exciting and fun, finding the right destination might not be as easy as it seems. That’s why so many people stick to the same old choices and don’t even think about thinking outside the box for a change. However, if you look into other possibilities and ideas that might be available to you, you’re going to understand that the world is full of places that deserve your time and attention.

Jordan is one of those places, and it’s one of the spots that successfully combine modernity and tradition, so it doesn’t matter if you’re into exploring ancient sites or eco-friendly locations because Jordan has it all. In case you’re wondering whether to visit Jordan or not, here are a few things you need to know.

Why You Should Visit Jordan

The Ancient Town of Petra

This is probably one of the most famous places in Jordan and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. That’s exactly why so many people visit this ancient town that’s full of picturesque corners and views you won’t be able to see anywhere else. Additionally, visiting Petra will probably become one of those experiences that you will never forget due to the rose-red cliffs that surround it and define its appearance. The architecture displayed in this place is fascinating, and it all helps you realize that Petra and Jordan are among those destinations that are worthy of your visit, especially if you’re traveling with your kids who want to learn a few things on the road

The Roman Ruins of Jerash

If you’re feeling adventurous and ready to continue exploring this wonderful place, going to Jerash and visiting the Roman ruins might be the best way to go. This is where you’ll find streets and buildings that are fully preserved and full of people who are interested in ancient Roman culture just as much as you are. You’ll also be able to see lots of different arches, temples, squares, and theatres that deserve your attention because they look just as good as they did a couple of millennia ago. Finally, you’ll see Hadrian’s Arch and the Oval Plaza, two of the most memorable signs of Roman times, so if you’re into these things and want to learn a bit more about the ancient culture and tradition, Jerash is the place you need to visit as soon as you can.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

For all those who are into sustainable and eco-friendly things, the Dana Biosphere Reserve will turn out to be more enjoyable and exciting than they can imagine. Both the government and people who want to make the Dana Biosphere Reserve more well-known than ever protect this area, which brings together a variety of ecosystems to form a cohesive and well-organized area. One of them is the informative Samer Anis Mansour Mouasher, who’s leading a team of people and trying to show the world what makes Jordan so unique and cool, especially when it comes to preserving the traditional areas and sites. The Dana Biosphere Reserve will help you see various plants and animals in their natural habitat, and that will show you how serious Jordan is when talking about protecting its ecological diversity and preserving it for future generations.

Mount Nebo

If you’re into other things and would like to explore the other side of Jordan and all the religious secrets that are hiding there, Mount Nebo might be the place to start. This is one of those sacred sites that will help you feel a wholesome connection to the power of the religion, as well as show you what the history of this area is all about. Overlooking the Jordan Valley, this is believed to be the place where Moses took his first glimpse over the Promised Land, and if you visit the Memorial Church on the top of Mount Nebo, you’ll find lots of mosaics and writings that explore this belief and take it to a whole new level.

Wadi Rum

If you’re looking for something more personal and isolated but still visually appealing, visiting Wadi Rum should be high on your list of priorities when going to Jordan. This place is in the middle of nothing, and it’s no surprise that lots of people are calling it the Valley of the Moon because of its wilderness and sandstone mountains that look like they don’t belong on Earth. If you’re a fan of movies, you’ll notice that this is where many movies were filmed, and that’s one of those things that is making Wadi Rum more popular than ever. To explore it, you might need a camel ride or a jeep, just like in other deserts, so don’t forget to explore those options before you head into the desert.

Jordan might not be the most popular tourist location in the world, but it’s certainly one of those places that offers much more than we can anticipate. From ancient times to modern movements, Jordan has it all, so don’t be afraid to check out these things right now!

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