Why Do Celebrities Use Colored Contact Lenses?

Colored contact lenses are a type of beauty product that celebrities use to change their eye color if they feel they ever want to switch up their complexion. Contact lenses were originally used as a replacement for people who wore glasses. However, since cosmetic beauty has advanced over time, contact lenses are now used to change your eye color in a very natural way.

Since influencers and celebrities started promoting these colored contact lenses, their popularity has grown and has had a massive impact on the fashion industry. In the beauty world today, the more natural looking, the better it is. And these colored contact lenses have become more realistic as they shape your pupil and change the color of your eye. You can shop for colored contact lenses at contactlenses.co.uk and find unlimited colors and styles to suit your eyes. If you’re wanting any inspiration, listed below are different celebrities who use colored contact lenses.

Nina Dobrev

Nina is most commonly known for her famous role in the Vampire Diaries and is known to switch up her colored contact lenses when making appearances on the red carpet. However, Nina is not new to colored contact lenses as she used red contacts to give her that deathly, terrifying look in Vampire Diaries. She is also known to switch up her eye color to blue sometimes, which fans love.

Robert Pattinson

Most commonly known for his leading role in Twilight, playing the vampire Edward Cullen, Robert is quite used to wearing colored contact lenses. In the film Twilight, he wore brown and gold contact lenses to bring this supernatural creature to life but also made him even more handsome as he became the teenage crush of every girl at this time.

Angelina Jolie

Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie is also known to switch up her natural eye color from a beautiful blue to other lighter blues or even green. We see this color change in her carpet appearances but also in some of her movies. Most notably, in the Disney film Maleficent, Angelina Jolie wears deep green contact lenses to bring her villainous character to life, complementing her dark look and bringing out her striking eyes, creating a dark and evil character.

Orlando Bloom

This is a male actor who is known to wear different types of colored contact lenses in his movies. Some of the most popular movies he starred in are The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit, where he had to wear different colored contact lenses throughout shooting these movies. Orlando Bloom played an elf in this series in which he had to change his eye color depending on the elf’s mood. Bloom wore lighter contacts when the elf’s mood was lifted and darker contacts when the mood was lowered. This little detail adds so much difference to the movie and the understanding of the character and shows the big impact colored contact lenses have.

The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian is probably known to be the most experimental and daring with her looks in her family. Kim is always the first to try new looks and is usually the originator of the most famous fashion trends. Kim usually experiments with different brown shades for her colored contacts as she wants to keep her dark, natural, Armenian roots but change up her appearance a little here and there. 

Kylie Jenner is another member that tends to experiment with her looks and is known to be very influential when it comes to cosmetics and beauty, which she is claimed to be the queen of. Kylie loves to play around with different colored contacts and is known to like wearing green and grey contacts to contrast with her black hairstyle. Kylie is one of the most influential celebrities to teenagers today and has made colored contact lenses much more popular, as anything Kylie does, her fans also love too.

Kanye West

Kanye is best known for his music but also for his unique style, which has made him a well-respected fashion designer and the proud owner of the fashion brand Yeezy. Kanye wore colored contact lenses at the Met gala where he wore grey contacts to match his grey outfit, giving him a very different look from most people and making him stand out at the Met as this was a very daring outfit choice for him.

Bretman Rock

Bretman is a younger influencer but has had a massive impact on the world of Instagram, where he has grown a substantial following. Bretman’s unique and extravagant looks are what have gained him attention through social media. He uses different contact lenses to emphasize his extravagant look. He usually uses gray to highlight his beautiful Filipino skin.

Hudda Kattan

Another Instagram and YouTube influencer, Hudda Kattan, most commonly known as Hudda Beauty, posts many interesting beauty looks and is constantly trying out new beauty trends. Hudda is known for creating the most difficult beauty looks and loves to change up her makeup and give new products a try. Hudda has been seen wearing different colored contact lenses on social media, which complement her makeup or style she is feeling on that day.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, also known as a fashion icon, is constantly pushing fashion to the next level and thinking outside of the box. Gaga is known for her interesting and unusual outfits and makeup choices, and her passion for fashion has only grown throughout her years of fame. Colored contact lenses are no big shock to Gaga, who has been wearing them for years. In different music videos she is seen with black contacts, and for daytime appearances she is seen wearing lighter contact lenses like green and blue. These different colors are used to show the different personalities and styles of Gaga, showing how she can be a performer but can also pull off a natural look too.

In Conclusion

This is just a short list of some of the most famous people who have worn colored contact lenses to change their look. As you can see, there are many different ways to wear them and they can be used to create any type of look. Colored contact lenses have become very popular in recent years due to social media, and more and more people are trying them out. If you’re looking for a way to change your appearance, colored contact lenses might be the way to go!

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