Who Did It? Bodily Functions Are Totally OK.

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When I was offered the opportunity to review the book set ‘Who Did It?‘ I couldn’t help but smile. My brothers were just as excited as me, probably because the names made them giggle. My brothers have got to be the stinkiest brothers ever. They find joy in bodily functions and the louder the better. Now here was a book that  was going to explain and teach us about them, and how to handle each of them in their own way. Sure they say excuse me and so do I. This was a book that was going to teach me that all my bodily functions are totally ok and normal. Nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. And what better way to tell me that with really cool artwork? I couldn’t think of anything better. Can you?

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Who did it is a beautifully boxed 5 board book set suitable for ages 2-5 years but can be used for those even older. Adults would have fun with this box set as well. There are a few adults who would love to know how to deal with an accident, and maybe even learn a bit of manners along the way. Yeah it’s not just us little ones who sometimes forget to say excuse me.

The 5 books in the series are:

1. Who Sneezed? covers nasal mucus, nose-picking, and good nostril and hand hygiene.

2. Who Burped? reveals the source of these noxious emanations, and explains how to apologize politely.

3. Who Farted? gives the lowdown on gaseous releases, and the right way to handle them in public.

4. Who Peed? offers advice on peeing in the right place.

5. Who Pooped? provides a primer on performing on the potty.

Of course the first book that my brothers decided to read although they are a lot older than 5, Mikael is 9 and Kyle is 13 was the “who farted” book. We also know what that lead to. A lot of laughter, because usually “who smelt it usually dealt it”. Just check out the big smile on Kyle’s face as he read Who Farted.

Each book is beautifully illustrated with lots of fun drawings. While there are only 5 pages for you to turn it gets the point across very quickly. It sure is a fun and educational read.

While your little ones are laughing at the photos and bubble conversation, don’t forget to teach them that bodily functions are ok, and the proper way to deal with them. Ways such as saying excuse me after a burp, and using toilet paper to wipe, flushing and wiping your hands after using the bathroom. It is also a very good idea to cover your sneeze and always wash your hands. And EXCUSE ME is really one of the most polite words you can use.

Full of humor and educational insight the The Who Did It? Box set is currently available on Amazon.com at a very affordable price of $14.95.

The Who Did It boxed set  not only get mine but my big brothers THUMBS UP!

About the Author:

Ohara Hale is a Montreal-based artist. She draws, sings, writes, and loves to make: books, music, comics, gig-posters, faces, jokes, new friends, trips to bookstores, and crazy adventures. Ohara is the author of L’ABC de Monsieur Pizza, Moderne Luv, and Pizza Doing Stuff. Her work can be found all over the Internet, and in galleries and bookstores all over the world. Visit her at: www.OharaHale.com

The Who Did It boxed set  not only get mine but my big brother THUMBS UP!

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