Having a Wasp Infestation? Here’s What to Do

In addition to flies, wasps are another type of pest nobody wants around their home. These insects can be territorial making getting stung by one a true possibility. This is never a pleasant experience. Should you notice a nest close by that you would prefer not to be there, try these solutions.

what to do with a wasp infestation

First, Be Sure It’s A Wasp Nest

There can be some confusion between bees and wasps. While you may want to get rid of both regardless of which it might be, the professionals you call in for each task would be different. To ensure your infestation is truly from wasps, look at their nest. Wasp nests have a very unique paper-like appearance. These are commonly constructed in areas that provide some level of shelter from the elements. Bees on the other hand build hives out of wax. This is the major difference. So being extremely careful, try to get a good look before you make the next move.

Call An Exterminator

If you rather stay miles away from the action, your best bet is to contact your local wasp removal company. Wasps tend to like warm temperatures, so when you’re outside enjoying the weather, so are they! The UK weather is known to be quite temperamental but on the off chance you find a wasp nest in your general London area, there’s no need to worry. Whether it be at your business place or at home, the specialists will act fast to remove a wasp nest on the very same day. All employees are certified by the British Pest Control Association and guarantee that their treatment process will have your wasp problem eliminated in one visit. 

Use A Non-Toxic Wasp Killer Remedy

If you prefer not to use chemicals, you can create your own natural wasp-killing treatment. Simply mix one-quarter measurement of liquid soap into some hot water. Put the mixture in a powerful spray bottle. Experts advise it is best to wait till night-time when all wasps should be in the nest and resting. Suit up appropriately so as to not get stung. You want to stay a safe distance from the nest but not too far away so that the water jet does not reach its target. The soapy mixture will kill the wasp through suffocation as it adheres to the body of the insect. Plain water will not have this effect as it tends to just slide off. This works for nests both above and below ground.

Use A Killer Plant Or Repellent

Just like there are plants that trap and ingest flies, the Venus Flytrap, the Pitcher Plants do the same to wasps. If you find yourself constantly battling these insects for the right to enjoy your outdoor space, set a few of these up around your home. Their smell, color, and the presence of nectar draw wasps in like moths to a flame. Tiny hairs in the plant trap the wasp while pools of water contained on the inside drown the insects. Once dead, they are consumed. Enlist the help of a gardener or someone with a vast knowledge of plants as these are considered difficult to sustain. 

Does the thought of wasps getting drowned and eaten make you sad? Good news. You can eliminate them without killing them. Choose a natural repellant instead. Go for rosemary, thyme, or even parsley, among many other options. 

Type Of Reactions To Wasp Stings

Going the route of getting rid of wasps on your own comes with risks. The likelihood of getting stung is exponentially increased. Many people have only minor reactions to these stings and feel better in a matter of hours without any need for medical help. You may not be so lucky and have a large local reaction instead that is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. For these reactions use soap and water to clean the area and to help remove some of the venom that causes the symptoms. You can place an ice pack against the spot to help decrease inflammation. 

If you are allergic to wasps and get stung, seek medical attention immediately. Anaphylaxis shock is a real possibility. Feeling lightheaded, having a racing pulse, and notice severe swelling around the sting location are signs that you are having a serious reaction and should take action right away.

what to do with a wasp infestation

Wasps are a bother and a menace for a lot of people. The goals may be to kill or trap them but whatever it is, take precautions. If you have any doubt about your capability, do the smart thing and leave the job to the professionals.

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