Well-Paid And Interesting Jobs That You Might Consider For Your Career

Choosing a career path is one of the most important life decisions that have an impact to transform your life. Self-reflecting on yourself makes it easier to figure out what jobs you are comfortable doing. Virtually every job involves some level of stress. Dealing with on-the-job stress might not be possible for everyone. Over time, this stress builds up, ultimately affecting your health and wellbeing. Nowadays, you can find tons of relatively low-stress jobs that don’t require a demanding role. So if you are searching for high-paying and enjoyable jobs to consider as a career, you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, here are our picks for some interesting jobs that provide a good income, a low-stress environment, and most importantly, a great work-life balance. 

Well-Paid Jobs For Career

Security Analyst

The IT sector has a plethora of jobs most of us are unfamiliar with. The basic role of an information security analyst is to identify and resolve flaws in computer systems. In addition to correcting the security problems, security analysts are required to keep up surveillance on networks to avoid security breaches, research the latest security technology, and suggest possible upgrades to keep up with new ways of network exploitation. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming is required to pursue this career. Still, most companies prefer a master’s degree. As a security analyst, you can expect a median salary of nearly $100.000 a year. 

Operations Manager

Businesses, companies, and industries rely on an operations manager to oversee the daily activities of different departments, ensuring a smooth workflow. It is one of the best choices for individuals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration. An entry-level operations manager’s salary starts at $75,000 a year and might easily surpass $100,000 a year, depending on the field experience. Moreover, these operation managers have to plan strategies for a better work experience and keep a tab on anything that could negatively affect operations. People with a business mindset and leadership qualities will find the job satisfying. 

Life Coaching

Being a life coach comes with great responsibility, yet it is a gratifying job as it helps people to find resolution within themselves and move on with life while staying strong. Life coaches enable people to explore their core purpose and strive to achieve goals which they think were impossible to achieve. Organizations and businesses hire life coaches to help employees with career development. On average, the life coaches earnings fall between $40,000 to $70,000 yearly. Besides career development, life coaches work on several areas like health and well-being, performance, relationships, retirement, and personal development. A bachelor’s degree in psychology is a must to be able to become a successful life coach.


Don’t confuse them with medical doctors as they enroll in a 4-year degree program in an optometry school. An optometrist specializes in diagnosing and treating vision-related diseases. They are an essential component of the healthcare system and contribute by providing primary eye care facilities at grass root levels. You can make more than $100,000 yearly by providing your services for eye care. 

Environmental Scientists

With a bachelor’s degree in natural or environmental sciences, one can pursue becoming an environmental scientist. On average, an environmental scientist can make around $70,000 while carrying out environmental restoration plans. They are hired by the public and private sector alike to work on resolving issues with the environment and make efforts to restore the damage dealt. Moreover, these scientists ensure that industries or relevant businesses are operating within the current environmental rules and regulations. They have expertise in effectively cleaning chemical dump sites and educating industries on utilizing eco-friendly methods. 

Art Director

Magazines, TV shows, movies, and several other things related to arts and entertainment are all supervised by an art director. With their unprecedented aesthetic sense, art directors put life into these projects by providing direction, relevant strategies, and the required artistic vision. The average salary of an art director is $90,000 per year. If you have a knack for art and a bachelor’s degree in a field related to media and arts, choosing to become an art director can let you live your creative side alongside a well-paying job. 

Well-Paid Jobs For Career

Keep in mind your skills and interests while you explore relevant jobs as ending up with one that doesn’t provide enjoyable work or a good paycheck directly affects your quality of life. Moreover, exploring your stress tolerance levels can facilitate you to pick a job you might consider for your career.  

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