8 Top Foodie Destinations in Europe You Should Visit

Top Foodie Destinations in Europe

Despite being a small continent, there is no denying that Europe exudes diversity, including its food scene. After all, European countries like Italy and France are known for sumptuous food and adventurous cuisine.

No wonder Europe is a popular destination among foodies. That said, we have listed down eight countries that foodie travelers can visit while in Europe.

Top Foodie Destinations in Europe

Paris, France

France is well-known for producing one of the most exquisite foods in the world. So much so that you can see Paris listed in many travel blogs.

It’s a nation that’s proud of its cuisine. Its capital, Paris, for instance, is widely known for its haute cuisine and Michelin-starred restaurants. 

There are also many food options, such as street-side restaurants, which offer plenty of authentic dishes to boot. 

You can also go to a boulangerie where you can pick fresh ingredients for some picnic in one of Paris’ beautiful gardens. Think about macaroons, stuffed baguettes, and so much more. 

Rome, Italy

Italy is probably one of those few European countries that are known for its iconic food. This is so much more than pizza and pasta, either. 

Italian food is known to be seasonal, regional, and simply mouthwatering.

One of the best ways to experience Italian cuisine is to head to Rome, also known as Italy’s food capital. It’s a multi-ethnic and eclectic city that serves delicious Italian recipes to modern culinary fusion. 

Best of all, you’ll find here everything a foodie can desire at a reasonable price. Don’t miss out the carciofi alla romana, spaghetti all’amatriciana, and the delectable crostata for dessert. 

San Sebastian, Spain

Although still known as Donostia by locals, it is more commonly known as San Sebastian. Impressively, it has more Michelin stars per square meter than anywhere else, except for Kyoto in Japan. 

If you are an epicurean, then San Sebastian can be your ultimate paradise. Because of their saturation, you can reserve a table in one of these Michelin star restaurants within just a couple of weeks of your visit. 

Meanwhile, you can head to San Sebastian’s pintxos bars for affordable and casual options. In here, you can have a taste of their specialties like pimientos de Padron (fried long green peppers) and bacalao (salt cod).

Also, note that each bar has its specialty, so see to it to check where the local eats are. 

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is known as Europe’s east. The capital city is an amalgamation of its traditions from the Soviet period and today’s European cities’ modernity. 

In fact, the buildings standing side-by-side abandoned factories are being transformed into stylish restaurants and clubs. The dishes here are rich in carbohydrates, meat, and spicy herbs like red pepper because of its chilly atmosphere. This ingredient, also known as paprika by locals, makes this traditional soup so delicious. 

Onions are also quite popular with all kinds of dishes. Another must-try Hungarian dessert that is known to be a variant of crepes is palatschinken

Moreover, Budapest has many other signature meaty soups, such as the Hungarian Goulash, which is tasty and filling at the same time. 

Venice, Italy

Another place that is known for its incredible food is Venice. Although you’ll come across plenty of affordable eateries in Italy, the City of Canals should be on every foodie’s bucket list.

Not only is it filled with spectacular attractions and impressive beauty, but it’s also widely known for its mouthwatering dishes. 

Get a taste of bellini, the city’s native cocktail, pairing it with a fabulous seafood dish. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Over the years, Denmark has gained popularity thanks to its New Nordic Cuisine. It is mostly found in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital.

You’d find several excellent Michelin-starred restaurants here. However, the food tradition here has significantly changed over the last couple of years. These days, you can easily spot plenty of fast-food restaurants and hot dog spots from the Middle East. 

You shouldn’t also miss out on the smørrebrød – what used to be a typical lunch for Danish farmers has turned into Denmark’s most traditional dish. 

Usually, this dish is made up of vegetables, fish, meat, topped with sauce. In Copenhagen, you’d also find delicious durums, which immigrants from Pakistan and Turkey often sell. 

London, United Kingdom

You probably know that English food isn’t one of the lightest foods out there. However, London‘s food scene is vastly changing and mixes culinary vision with modern innovation. 

Opt for a Sunday roast in a simple English pub, with some beer and takeaway fish and chips. If you are into exotic recipes, you can sample Chicken tikka masala from the Middle East.

Athens, Greece

Apart from its impressive ancient ruins, another famous attraction of Greece is its delicious home-style dishes. 

Head to the Gazi neighborhood to get a taste of the Athenian food culture. It also boasts an authentic, multicultural area where you can find eateries that offer innovative yet authentic cuisine. 

Don’t miss out on the pork souvlaki (kebabs), or grab some loukoumades (doughnuts).

In conclusion

The list of European cities where you can enjoy a delightful food experience can be endless. That’s because each country has something to offer to delight your palate.

Nonetheless, our list can help you get started with your foodie tour in Europe. And if you do, we hope you give our recommended food a taste and let us know your experience. 

So, start exploring and discover the best of Europe through its unique and authentic dishes.

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