Tips And Tricks To Get Relief From Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain or computer eye syndrome is a growing problem in today’s digital age. Most of us spend a significant majority of our time in front of screens, whether it’s the TV, your smartphone, or your work computer screen. And because the blue light that these screens emit can cause annoying digital eye strain symptoms like burning, itching, blurry vision, headaches, and even neck pain, taking measures to protect vision has become essential for just about everyone. 

Studies also show that excess screen time alters blinking rate, which enhances the risks of dry eye. Furthermore, some symptoms of digital eye strain and dry eye can go unnoticed for quite some time. 

So, we’ve listed some practical tips for you to get relief from digital eye strain and safeguard your vision as a result. 

digital eye strain

Block Out Blue Light

Not all blue light is terrible for your eyes; sunlight is a significant source of this. However, digital screens can cause eye strain by negatively impacting the delicate retinal cells found deep in the eyes. Some studies even show that excess screen exposure can lead to vision deterioration due to this gradual damage. 

Fortunately, there’s a pretty simple solution for both adults and children; blue light prescription glasses. These modern lenses will block out blue light, effectively protecting your eyes from this particular damaging element of screen time. 

Switch Up Your TV Experience

There are many ways to enhance your TV experience, from investing in better sound to activating voice control and several others. However, you should switch up your experience with consideration to your eyes as well. 

For example, be sure to place your sofa at least 10 feet away from the television, keep the TV set at eye level, close your blinds to avoid glare, and give your eyes a break from time to time. While having a break, stretch and focus on an item close to you for a few minutes before refocusing on an object placed further than the television for a few moments. 

Adjust The Lighting And Remove Glare

Just as you must close blinds or curtains in the living room to eliminate glare on your television, you should do the same with regards to every other screen you use. Soo, be sure to position your workspace, so that screen glare is not an issue. 

Furthermore, adjusting the lighting in your workspace is also important; it’s not suitable to focus on a bright digital screen in a dark room. 

But with that said, you should adjust your workspace lighting by making the space bright enough while changing the lighting settings on your computer or laptop. You can also modify your smartphone light setting the same way or opt for a vision comfort setting if this is available on your phone model. 

Digital eye strain has become a factor for most of us, and finding relief through clever hacks is a suitable way to prevent vision damage over time. 

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