Timeless Decor Tips That’ll Give Your Home a Fresh Look

When it comes to decorating your home, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to try and create a timeless design. While design trends can be tempting, there is a good chance that you will grow tired of the look within a few years and want to redecorate your house. 

Timeless interior design, on the other hand, is exactly what the name implies – something that you’ll find attractive for a long time, something that will never go out of style, and a way of creating a design scheme that you don’t have to change constantly. One of the most significant advantages of timeless design is financial – redoing your interior design can be expensive, and finding a scheme that you will love for a significant amount of time means that you won’t have to worry about unexpected design concerns causing a strain on your budget. 

If you’re looking to create a timeless design scheme for your home, there are some important factors that you should keep in mind. 

Timeless Decor Tips

Choose a Classic Color Scheme

Your color scheme is a vital part of any interior design and helps provide you with a base on which you can build the rest of your design. While it can be tempting to opt for bright, colorful shades or patterned wallpapers, you should instead opt for a more classic option. 

Classic color schemes are ones that never go out of style. One reason that many people are hesitant to look at them is that they worry that their choices will be limited. 

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a variety of timeless schemes you can choose from, including beige, blue, green, and gray; white, brown, and leaf green, and indigo, gray, and white. A good rule of thumb to consider when choosing classic colors for your interior design is to opt for neutrals, blues, and greens where possible. 

Keep Functionality in Mind

A lot of trendy design options are surprisingly non-functional. What this means is that, even if something looks good, you’ll inevitably have to replace it sooner rather than later. 

For example, leather couches are a popular design option, especially in public areas like family rooms. However, they’re also inherently challenging to manage – after all, not only is it rather uncomfortable, the last thing you want is your little one scratching the leather. 

Another popular non-functional design that many people opt for is sheer curtains. While these curtains undoubtedly look attractive, they’re also relatively ineffective at keeping the light out. Instead, it’s better to opt for shutters or regular curtains. Both options allow you greater control over the amount of light that comes into a room while also allowing you to completely block out sunlight if you prefer.  

Use Traditional Patterns

Patterns don’t have to be a bad word when it comes to creating timeliness designs. While it’s best to stay away from using them on the walls, it’s perfectly possible to use them around a room, for example as part of soft furnishings or as art pieces to add character to space. 

However, it’s also essential to choose the patterns you use carefully. As far as possible, stay away from trendy options such as animal prints. Such designs are unlikely to stand the test of time, and there’s a good chance you’ll grow tired of them quickly. Instead, as far as possible, opt for more classic designs such as botanicals, plaids, and damasks. 

If you do want to play around with some of the trendier options, it’s best to use them on accent pieces that are easy to change, such as pillow covers. If you’re looking for design options for larger furniture pieces such as sofas, always keep to a selection that you’re unlikely to grow tired of. 

Timeless Decor Tips

When using patterns, another critical thing to keep in mind is balance. If all the patterned pieces are on one side of the room, space will look extremely unbalanced and out of symmetry. Additionally, if possible, use at least three patterns. This adds variety and creates multiple interesting focal points for your eyes. At the same time, make sure to vary the scale of the patterns used so that they don’t clash with each other. 

Creating a timeless home design doesn’t mean staying away from all things on-trend and popular. It does, however, mean that you should keep these to a minimum unless you’re truly confident that you’ll love these trends for a long time in the future. 

No matter your design preferences and styles, it’s always possible to create a timeless space that will hold up no matter who visits your home. All you need to do is keep a few basic principles in mind, and you won’t have to worry about the stress of redoing your home for years to come!

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