A List Of Important Things Your Newborn Baby Should Have

Having a baby is a momentous occasion. From the build-up of pregnancy to the expectation of birth, you have a long time to prepare. There are so many books, magazine articles, and websites telling you that this or that is the most important thing that a newborn baby should have, it can be hard to know what is actually most important. This article aims to give you some of the main staples of important things that your newborn baby should have. 

Things Your Newborn Should Have

A Good Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are a vital bit of kit for you and your newborn baby. They range from simple walkie-talkie type set-ups to providing high-quality video and sound. Whatever you decide, make sure that it works over a long range. Some may advertise a distance that seems long enough but you have to take into consideration the number of walls or even floors between you and your child. Having a reliable baby monitor will keep your mind at ease when you and your newborn aren’t in the same room. 

A Variety Of Garments

Although babies grow very quickly, you’ll want to make sure you have enough clothes for your newborn. The important thing is to make sure that the fabric is made of natural materials, like cotton, to avoid skin irritation. You should have at least six all-in-one suits that can be worn day or night. Vests and light cardigans are also recommended to be able to easily regulate your child’s temperature. A hat for cold weather as well as a hat for sunny days and a shawl that you can wrap them up in if they are chilly. Having a variety of garments is really important for your newborn child. 

Baby Bedding

The bedding used for newborns’ cots is very specific. There is a danger of suffocation if any covers are used that they could get stuck under. Make sure any blankets are loose-knit so that they can be breathed through. The mattress that they will sleep on should be firm and you should have several spare sheets as they will need to be changed often. Babies spend a lot of time sleeping so make sure their cot is a comfortable place for them to be. Remember that pillows and duvets are unsafe for babies. Getting the right baby bedding is important for your newborn child. 

Things Your Newborn Should Have

A Pram

For around a year or more, your baby will not be able to walk. Although you could carry around your baby, having a pram will make your life a lot easier. They’ll be more comfortable for one thing and also allow you to carry other essential things with you, without needing another backpack. As newborns can’t sit upright in pushchairs until they are strong enough to support their weight, prams are essentially rolling beds. This can be handy for getting your baby to sleep, some children will find the gentle motion relaxing. Make sure to get one with an adequate hood that can protect from sun and rain. A pram is vital for a newborn baby.

Their Own Car Seat

If you plan on driving anywhere with your baby, including home from the hospital, you will need a car seat for them. You cannot drive in a vehicle where someone is holding a baby in their arms. As with prams, you will need one that holds your baby flat rather than upright. You must also make sure that it fits correctly in your car and that it will be secure. Remember that you also cannot put a baby’s car seat in the front of a car; they must always be in the back. It might be tempting to try and get one second-hand, but only get one from a friend or relative who you know for sure was never involved in an accident. You need to be sure that the car seat still has all of its structural integrity. Having a car seat for your newborn baby is vitally important.

Babies Need A Lot Of Things

To put it bluntly, babies need a lot of things. Having a child is a great undertaking and there are loads of things that are essential for your baby. Mainly, these essential items are to ensure that your newborn remains safe and healthy at all times. Although it might seem like a lot to get, your newborn does need all of these things. Having; a good baby monitor, a variety of garments, baby bedding, a pram, and their own car seat are the main essentials for your newborn. It’s a lot to take in at the start but they’ll be grown up before you know it. 

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