The Best NY Pizza in Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s no secret that Americans like pizza. A whopping 98% of the population says they eat it, while 54% say they love the stuff. 

Now, you fall into the latter category, and you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas. As such, you need to know one thing before you get there: where can I get the best New York pizza in Sin City? 

Turns out, you have a few options. Here are 5 of them to put on your list: 

Best NY Pizza in Las Vegas

1. Good Pie

There’s nothing quite like walking into a New York pizzeria, getting a whiff of their pies, and diverting your path so you can order a slice immediately. At Good Pie, you can get that only-in-NYC experience in the heart of Las Vegas. 

This pizzeria serves up Brooklyn-inspired slices, as well as the square pies that have made Detroit famous for its pizza, too. And, if you have dietary restrictions, Good Pie has you covered, too – they have vegan and gluten-free options on the menu, too.

2. Secret Pizza

If you’re at the Cosmopolitan after a long night on the strip, you’re going to see a very long line. You might wonder why so many people have queued up, and the answer is, of course, pizza. 

As the name implies, Secret Pizza is tucked away on the luxe hotel’s third floor. But it’s open late and serves slices that will taste even better after a long night of partying. 

3. Giordano’s

There’s always a debate: is NY or Chicago pizza better? If you’re in the mood to test both, then you should add Giordano’s to your must-try Vegas restaurants list. 

Giordano’s has both deep-dish and thin-crust pizza options for you to sample. However, the former is the pie that has made Chicago famous for its pizza. If you’ve never had one, start there and see how it compares to the mighty NY slice. 

4. Joe’s New York Pizza

The Joe behind Joe’s New York Pizza takes his pie-making seriously. That’s because he trained with a NYC pizza master before setting out on his own in Las Vegas.

At Joe’s New York Pizza, you can get an authentic slice, and you can get it late into the night. They’re open for delivery on Fridays and Saturdays until 6 a.m., so you can get a very late night snack from them if you need one. 

5. Pizza Anonymous

Pizza Anonymous is the best of two pizza worlds. There’s a New York Italian in the kitchen, but they whip up Roman-inspired pizzas. However, you can sample their pies by the slice, which is very NYC. 

The pizzas here get rave reviews, too. So, if you want to mix things up while still technically getting a New York slice, then try Pizza Anonymous. 

Grab a Slice and Let the Good Times Roll

There’s so much to do and see in Vegas, but your trip wouldn’t be complete without a little bit — or a lot — of pizza. So, bookmark this page and plan your pizza tour of Sin City. We’d be willing to bet that you’ll love them all.

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