Sustainable Clothing by prAna – #milehighprAna

I am not a fashion blogger and I’ve never thought of myself as such. However, one of the things I do know and have been saying for years now is that I love companies that give back. Companies that make a difference in the world. That’s why today I want to share with you my love for prAna. I first heard about prAna when one of my friends told me about these great new jeans that she bought from the company. When it comes to jeans, I’m a big fan of designer jeans because it’s difficult to find jeans that fit my height. I’m 5’10” which isn’t really considered average for a female, so regular jeans don’t quite get all the way to my ankles. I also don’t particularly have the typical “black woman’s butt”, so once again I have to find jeans that accentuates my shape. The clothing that I chose from prAna not only were comfortable but looked and felt great!

prAna designs clothing that look good but are versatile enough for any lifestyle and any adventure. While I’m a city girl at heart, I now live in Colorado which is far away from city as you’d get. I’ve heard that it’s very common for prAna fans to wear their gear to work and a hike, and I can see why. I decided on the Salinda Top which is a flannel plaid top and perfect for the cooler weather we’re currently having. Made from organic cotton, I can wear this separately or under a sweater. I loved the button up detail and the fact that I can either wear the sleeves rolled up or down.

Now I also decided on the Kara Jean that I had heard so much about, it’s actually one of their best selling jeans. It took me a while to figure out my size but I was able to using their sizing guide and by reading a few reviews as well. As I mentioned before, I’m 5’10 and usually denim would get to my ankles and stop, this one surpassed my expectation and went even further, making it very versatile indeed. It is also made to be worn cuffed or long so I can get two styles in one. It comes with the traditional 5 pockets and the fit was amazing. 

So what really makes prAna special and why do I love them? Well you may see that I mentioned that that they give back. Throughout the year they partner with several local and international charities to help make a difference. Additionally during the holidays, they donate a portion of the proceeds rom a select collection of items to Outdoor Outreach. This non-for-profit organization transforms lives by connecting underserved youth with the outdoors.

While prAna clothing is made to accommodate any adventure, the items are first and foremost mindfully made in order to support fair trade and sustainable practices. prAna actually has only one core belief and that is to give back more than they take from the world. prAna offers organic, hemp, sustainable, and fair trade items so that consumers feel great about the things they wear and the items they give.

Now don’t just take my word about prAna and their clothing. Read the reviews on their website yourself. Not only would you love them yourself, but you’ll also want to gift them for the holidays too. So to make it easy for you to do so, they’ve gracefully offered all my readers the chance to get 15% off their purchase using coupon code MHMF16ANFU

So show your love for our planet and purchase prAna today!

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