Spring Crafts to Decorate Your Home

I have been busy crafting and decorating for the Spring. I have an entry way table that always have to express the season that we’re in, so whenever a new season or holiday comes around it reflects that. I don’t always want to take a run to Home Goods or my local craft store to recreate what I want. Crafting is such an inexpensive way to decorate your home, and today I have Maurine Anderson to share some ideas with you. Spring crafting is a fun way to welcome in the season of spring while getting some good use out of those craft supplies you might have lying around. (It is spring cleaning season, after all!) So if you’re looking for some inspiration to get you started with spring crafting this year, here are some fun ideas for spring crafts you can decorate your home with.

Floral wreath

A floral wreath is a classic spring craft that will beautify any home, and you can tailor your wreath to go with just about any decorating scheme for your home. The wreath in this picture, for example, was made by starting with a bare twig wreath from a local craft store and then gluing faux spring florals, feathers, and accents on top. Whichever florals you choose, be sure to select a variety of large and small florals to give your wreath dimension. Other accents you might consider adding to a spring wreath include satin, grosgrain, or burlap ribbon; faux foliage; wooden letters; yarn; and faux eggs.

Paper flowers

Fresh flowers are always a great way to add a touch of spring to your home, but if you want to try your hand at some crafting this spring, paper flowers are a fun alternative option. Pinterest has all sorts of paper flower tutorials that you can try out. For something especially on trend, you might try making your paper flowers in this year’s top colors, like rose quartz, peach echo, and lilac gray.

Painted flower pots

This is a fun activity to try with kids. Gather some acrylic paints, some paint brushes, and a few flower pots—be they terracotta pots, small metal pails, or wicker baskets for holding your planters. Then paint your flower pots however you’d like, using stencils or masking tape to help you create your designs if desired. You could even use Mod Podge and fabric instead of paint if you want to give your flower pots a textured look. Painted flower pots will liven up any home, and the possibilities are truly endless. You can also try making painted vases or Mason jars for your freshly cut flowers.


Garlands are another fun way to dress up your home, and there are all kinds of possibilities here as well. You can use printed papers, stencils, and cotton balls to make a rabbit garland, or you might make a banner style garland with burlap triangles and painted letters. You can even try stringing flower tops together for a fun floral garland. Other ideas for a spring garland include tassels, pom poms, paper flowers, or geometric shapes in spring colors. Hang your garland on your mantle, in a window, or over a doorway; or wrap it around a banister or handrail.

Garden markers

Planting herbs, fruit, vegetables, or flowers in your garden this spring? If so, DIY garden markers are the spring craft for you. You might paint popsicle sticks a fun color and label them with the name of the plant, or you might try your hand at hand stamping thin metal strips. Other ideas for DIY garden markers include painting rocks, painting or stamping spoons, stamping clay, putting corks on skewers, or painting small, thick sticks. Use your imagination to come up with something fun for your herb, produce, or flower garden.

Candle holders

Candle holders are another great versatile craft for spring. You can try tying jute to some small jars for hanging candle holders, or you can paint small jars for placing on your coffee table. Other great ways to dress up small candle votives include tying on a small sprig with jute or twine, wrapping completely in colorful yarn, tying ribbon around the circumference, hot gluing small twigs around the outside, wrapping lace around, or filling your votives with colorful pebbles. You could even create your own candle holders from scratch using aluminum cans or tree branches and some creative drill work. Take a look at the space you want to add candles to and decide which accents might work best for your candle holders.

Let’s discuss: In what ways do you decorate your home for Spring? 

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