Should You Remodel & Redecorate During The Fall Or Winter?

Should You Remodel & Redecorate During The Fall Or Winter?

It’s entirely possible for you and your family to be locked down for the foreseeable future. Everyone is going to be facing a tougher time with the Coronavirus because it’s the fall. The cooler temperature will play a large part in the spread of the virus and the additional lethality it will have. So, if you have a DIY home project that you would like to complete, you should seek to use this time very wisely and get it done. But should you really? Fall and winter present unique challenges for remodeling and or redecorating projects. The colder temperature causes paint to dry a lot longer than it normally would. The materials you’re using might become a little brittle due to the contracted behavior in the cold. But, there are ways around these things, and here is how.


You have a lot of refinancing and new finance options. You can remortgage your home or get a home loan. Remortgaging is effective because the mortgage company will have a high propensity to say ‘yes’ to your demands. As long as you can show, you have a clear set of goals you are going to reach, with blueprints and planning permissions already approved, you won’t get shot down in flames. Just be mindful, your new project should garner you greater worth, than the money you are spending. As with any good business project, you need to make more money than you’re spending to make a profit.

The other option for remodeling or redecorating is a home loan. There are different kinds of home loans, and you should look into all your options. Take for example a VA loan. This is exclusive for veterans and serving armed forces personnel and their families. Using this VA loan calculator you can work out how much money you could get. It’s directly signed off from the Department of Veterans Affairs. You’ll need to show you are a qualified borrower, so have all your military personnel credentials ready to be background checked. 


You have so many choices for where to begin your project. The question is, is it remodeling or redecorating? One of them is harder than the other, but they can take an equal amount of time to complete. Remodeling is more complex because you could be tearing down walls, making larger rooms, rewiring, building a new room, floor, or adding something to the exterior such as a pool or garage. However, a recovering project could take just as much time, because it’s all about the aesthetics. This is usually done with the goal of selling the house, kept in mind. You want a modern, sophisticated home, with scattered bits of timeless style. 

  • If you’re remodeling, start off on the largest part of the project first as it will take the most time. It may also present challenges for the rest of your project, because you may need to tear down walls or replace a support beam for the structure. 
  • Then you should start with the parts of the project that concern material replacement. If you are tearing up a tile file for a hardwood floor, you should start comparing your options for material choice. 
  • If you are redecorating, that’s easy, just start off with the largest surface area; your floor. Of course, it always depends on what the list of things-to-do is, regarding your project. But you get the drift, begin with the largest part first, such as walls, ceiling, exterior, etc.
  • Then you should begin searching for replacement items for your seating, appliances, carpet, floor, or such things as wallpaper, paint, cupboards, and wardrobes, etc.


As the fall draws into its main phase, you will need to protect your home as your project is ongoing.

Firstly, buy some industrial tarp. This is so versatile, as it can be spread over the floor, over decor, and used as a makeshift door into the house. Crucially, it’s thick and prevents the wind and cold, getting inside your home. If you have knocked down a wall, but are still sleeping inside the home, a tarp can be spread and taped to the edges of the structure. This prevents rainwater from coming inside.

Cling Film or bubble wrap is also a good material to use, for the protection of decor and furniture. If you have no other choice but to leave your sofa, cupboards, and washing machine in the garage or even outside in the garden until the project’s completion, using cling film and or bubble wrap to protect your possessions from weather and animal damage is a most prudent decision. 


If your project involves rewiring, putting in new plumbing, or in some way restructuring your home, you should take the time to do this project in the fall. During the fall, the lower temperatures mean that the water in the pipes will be easier to manage, as it has less pressure. Have you ever noticed how long it takes for hot water to flow from the tap? Maybe you have noticed how the water is a lot less forceful coming out of the faucet? This is because the water coming from the mains is a lot less volatile, so plumbing jobs during the fall or wintertime is actually a safer time for that kind of project.

Should You Remodel & Redecorate During The Fall Or Winter?


During the fall and winter, there are some projects that just make sense. You can’t do all projects, but there are some which you can do because they don’t require any need to travel about in the cold temperature.

Kitchen: the countertop is one giant piece, it doesn’t need you to take multiple trips to the store to get resupplied like you would for a tiled wall. The countertop is also easy to fit. It can be fitted in less than an hour and brings new life to your home. 

Loft: now is the perfect time to replace your insulation. It won’t take a long time to reinsulate your loft or attic. If you’re using insulation layers, it’s easy to unwrap them and nice them to the walls or glue them down. Not only can this job be done in an hour or so, but it will also help you stay warm in the coming months.

Bathroom: as the fall draws in, your need for hot water will become more apparent. Changing the faucets in your bathrooms could help you to gain more pressure in your taps, shower, and bath. Also, it’s just one-piece. So you don’t have to go back and forth to the store or make any reorders. Just select your taps online, and you can fit them all in an hour.

Walls: painting the walls may not be a good idea as they will take longer to dry in the winter. However, you can lay on a new wallpaper. Heat prevents the glue from drying, keeping it liquid, so actually, the best time of the year to install new wallpaper for your home is during the fall or winter.


Because most projects for renovations, remodeling, and or redecoration go on hold during the fall, the industry tries to stay active by giving customers discounts and leading sales campaigns to draw back the profits. Now is the time to buy your materials, even if you’re not planning on using them until spring. It’s a great time to buy in bulk!

You should consider remodeling and redecorate during the fall and or winter. Both seasons have their advantages for such projects and you should keep your spirits up as it’s not as hard as you think.

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