Sending Files Securely While Using Windows

Sending Files Securely While Using Windows

WinSCP, in other words, Windows Secure Copy, is a free and open-source FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) for the operation of Microsoft Windows.

Essentially, WinSCP is a safe and secure small-scale open-source file transfer client for Windows. The program is protected because it employs Secure Shell technology and expertise in order to facilitate a harmless environment for the safe copying of files between a local and remote computer. It may not be the most appropriate choice in your circumstance, though, so it is always best to use the likes of to see what other applications are available. 

This in essence means that WinSCP can also be considered a remote editor as it is so often used to act in this way. By this, I mean that when an individual is in the remote file manager and selects a text file they can then move this to the local machine. Once in the local machine, the user can begin to edit in a place they feel much more accustomed to. 

Of course, its chief function is the transfer between the local and remote computer, nevertheless, this is not its only feature. In addition to this WinSCP also offers some basic and simple file management qualities that can prove to be extremely useful. 

The client possesses more than a handful of great features. First and foremost, it can be translated into a selection of different languages meaning it can be used by a whole host of people all over the world and is not only limited to the English-speaking population. In addition to this, its graphic user interface means users can interact via the operation of images rather than text commands, this is great because most individuals find it easier to use electronic devices that operate in this way.

Uploading files with WinSCP is simple and easy and can be done via a variety of methods to suit your preference. The ways in which you can upload files contain the basic methods of drag and drop, as well as copy and paste. When it comes to downloading certain files the same simple and standard methods can be used as well as using a file URL and automating the download.

With this client, you can have several sessions open at once and the management and operation of this are really simple. All you have to do after you have begun your initial sessions is go to the menu and click ‘Session’ then ‘New Session’ to unlock a new one. Once you have several sessions on the go you will want to be able to manage them all at the same time so merely go to ‘Sessions’ again but this time click on ‘Opened Sessions’. It really is easy!

Finally, if you are having trouble finding a file on the program then don’t worry, it is just as simple as all the other features available. Merely go to ‘Commands’ click on it and then click on ‘find files’ once you have done this you will be faced with a find dialog box where you can simply type in what you are looking for and the results will appear in the same place.

WinSCP is the best transferring client out there for Windows; it is easy to use, safe and secure, and free of charge.

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