7 Reasons to Take a Falkland Islands Cruise

Experience the beauty and majesty of nature with a cruise to one of South America’s best-kept secrets, the Falkland Islands. From thriving wildlife to breathtaking views, here are seven reasons why you should plan your next getaway there!

Scenic beauty, stunning wildlife, top-notch accommodation, and some fabulous food thrown in for good measure. You may be surprised to know that we’re talking about a cruise to sub-Antarctic islands. 

Need some more convincing? You’ll be ready to pack your bags once you’ve read our 7 reasons to take a Falkland Islands cruise.

A Different Travel Experience 

A Falkland Islands cruise is the easiest way to explore the region. Sure, you could go on a guided expedition, but what could be more convenient than transport, accommodation, food, and entertainment – all rolled into one? And this is not like any other cruise.

You’re not going to be stopping over at bustling ports in cities buzzing with crowds clamoring for touristy gimmicks. You’ll experience the thrill of fresh air, unspoiled scenery, and unique wildlife. 

Other vacations eventually all resemble one another. The same hotel chains, tourist bureaus, and even similar souvenirs. A Falkland Islands cruise is one that you’ll always remember, offering everything from penguin lore to learning about military history while cruising in style. 

A Relaxing Way To Travel

You’ve probably needed a day to recover first when taking other types of vacations. Rushing to and from airports, connecting flights, and taxi cabs to over-priced hotels. Even without jet lag, it’s exhausting.  And then you still have to book sightseeing tours or risk going it alone with a map, hoping you don’t get lost.

A Falkland Islands cruise is a relaxing way to travel. You probably won’t want to spend much time below deck though, not when there’s so much to see. There are beautiful beaches with charming names like Elephant Beach and even more charming island inhabitants like the dolphins around Pebble Island.

Your first glimpse of the Falkland Islands from the deck of the cruise ship will be of pristine beaches. Beyond that, untainted natural landscapes with excellent hiking trails await when you go ashore to stretch your legs and explore.

Magnificent Views

Magnificent views are the order of the day on a Falkland Islands cruise. So if you love to take vacation snaps or film your travels, this is the best way to do it. 

Forget about walking around a tourist hotspot clutching your camera, hoping it doesn’t get lost or, worse, stolen. Relax on the deck and take your holiday photos in peace and comfort. There’s so much you’ll want to photograph, too. 

Sealife, seabirds, and the serene islands coming into view are all excellent subjects for your vacation videos. This is your passage to the rocky terrain of Carcass Island and the sandy shores of Bleaker Island. So breathe in the clean, fresh air and bask in the sun, while you capture unforgettable memories.

Family-Friendly Travel

The best thing about a Falkland Islands cruise is how family-friendly it is. A cruise is better than any other type of vacation because the whole family can enjoy it, from your youngest children to your elderly grandparents. That’s not always possible on any other type of vacation.

Less mobile family members, whether due to age or disability, can continue to enjoy the scenery comfortably from on deck when you go ashore. But you’ll all want to get off the ship when you hear about the fun to be had on land.

With museums, interesting landmarks, and plenty of flora and fauna to discover, you’ll be captivated by the first step on the shore. 

Birdwatchers especially will love it, as there are more than 200 species of birds to be found on and around the islands. That includes the world’s largest colony of black-browed albatross, swooping overhead over Steeple Jason Island.

Whale Encounters & More

You’ll have a whale of a time on this cruise. Literally. A Falkland Islands cruise offers you the opportunity to see whales up close while cruising toward the islands. But that’s not all you’ll see. You’ll also encounter dolphins, sea lions, and seals. 

An abundance of marine mammals awaits you, and you don’t even have to go ashore to see these beautiful creatures. With a Falkland Islands cruise, the fun starts on the journey, not just at the destination.

On the island, the famous Whalebone Arch is the ultimate selfie spot. Constructed from the jawbones of two blue whales, it’s as awe-inspiring as it is terrifying. Be sure to pose for a picture in front of it to show your friends back home.

Maritime History

Of course, you will go ashore at some point. And when you do, you’ll learn more about the natural scenery and the local wildlife, as well as interesting snippets of maritime history. 

The Falkland Islands Historic Dockyard Museum is a treasure trove of information for history buffs. You’ll learn about the Falklands War, the natural and cultural history of the island, and much more. 

But you’ll be learning new things all along the way on your Falkland Islands cruise. The crew will have the expertise and knowledge to share, too. This is one cruise that is both entertaining and educational. 

Great Value For Money

Travel should be accessible to everyone, but sadly, your budget may not always agree. That’s why a cruise to the Falklands is ideal for family travel on a budget. 

It’s great value for money because you don’t have to worry about separate costs for transport, accommodation, and meals. It includes entertainment, educational lectures, and often a walking tour of the islands, too. With so much to delight you all in one package, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a good deal.

That’s why a cruise should be your next travel experience. But not just any cruise! A Falkland Islands cruise is the perfect solution to vacation boredom. 

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