5 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Get a Dashcam

Car accidents can occur anytime, and it’s always necessary to prepare. Dashcams, which people previously viewed to suit paranoid drivers, are increasingly growing in popularity. Installing a dashcam has many benefits as it helps you record everything that happens in front of you while you’re driving, for example, the cause of an accident. Here are other powerful reasons why you should get a dashcam.

Reasons to Get Dashcam

Watch for unexpected events

Many dash cameras give you the option of turning it on standby. This way, it can move when there is motion around your vehicle, allowing it to capture events when you’re not attending to your car, for example, when you leave it parking outside the mall.

A dashcam captures and alerts you on your smartphone when events such as car break-ins or hit-and-runs take place, causing damage to your vehicle. A dashcam also alerts you to unexpected events such as a tree falling on your car, thus enabling you to claim insurance by proving the cause of the accident.

Better your driving skills

You can review footage on your dashboard camera to detect problems with your driving skills and improve them. For young drivers, especially those who have high insurance car rates due to minimal driving experience, reviewing their daily footage can enhance their skills. When you understand where your mistakes are in driving, for example, sudden lane switching or hitting the brakes too hard, you can correct them.

As extra driving eyes

Dashboard cameras provide safety features like collision alerts and departure warnings. Particular car models offer two cameras, one facing the front and the other backward, to give you a wide-field vision and alert you when you’re in a blind spot. On highways and tunnels, a dashcam can allow you to split the screen and watch the traffic that’s in front and behind you. When another vehicle approaches fast, a dashboard camera detects it and alerts you to prevent an accident.

Avoid or contest a violation ticket

A dashcam can prove if you were speeding or ran a red light. When a law enforcement officer stops you for a traffic offense you didn’t commit, you can play your camera footage and prove your innocence before getting a ticket. Where the officer doesn’t badge or refuses to watch the footage, you can get out of the violation ticket by contesting it in court. In addition, the lack of violation tickets due to traffic violations keeps you from insurance surcharges.

Record an accident

When an accident occurs, drivers can have different or vague memories of what transpired. Footage from a dashcam can prove who is responsible for the accident and help the victim claim settlement. In addition, a car accident lawyer can help you contest a case in court if you receive false blame. Also, a dashboard camera can prove insurance fraud where car accidents are staged and prevent hefty dollar payments due to insurance claims.

Bottom line

A dashcam is a form of car avoidance technology that alerts you on oncoming vehicles and blind spots to prevent accidents. It is also essential for moments when you leave your car unattended to record acts of theft or unexpected events. Footage from a dashcam can prove your innocence in an accident, preventing you from hefty insurance settlements.

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