Palm Tree Wafers

These palm tree wafers will have you longing for summer!

It’s spring but can you believe that I’m already thinking of summer. For the past month those of us living in Colorado Springs have been experience fairly warm weather. I’m talking weather 70° and up, weather that makes you think that spring was always here and it’s time for summer. While I’m not big on summer, because to be honest, I don’t particularly like the heat, I will take summer over spring and winter any day. I swear that spring just hates me. Spring brings with it allergies and the sniffles. My eyes turn red and I’m constantly sneezing and wishing that it will all just disappear. With summer, I’m perfectly fine and dreaming of palm trees and the beach. I mean what’s better than the beach in the summer. Just look at how beautiful it looks in California! Now I know what Olaf means when he dreams of summer. Summer is just awesome!

This summer we’ll be in Orlando, where it’s practically summer all year round. OK I’m judging you Floridians when you cry about it being 50° and freezing. That is beach weather for me! We’ll be hitting up the theme parks and doing what we do best when we’re on family vacation, retail therapy, aka shopping. This summer I plan to not only face my fears and ride a few roller coasters, but I’ll also be getting in-front of the camera more, instead of always being behind it. I want to commemorate my trip with the family and have a few memories that they can look back on when saying “mom was super cool”. Anyway, enough of me rambling on. Let’s get into what you came here to read about, our palm tree wafers. If me talking about summer didn’t do it for you, then these palm tree wafers will.

Palm Tree Wafers

Ingredients/Supplies Needed:

Chocolate Voortman wafers

Light green chocolate melts

Brown M&M’s

Green sugar sprinkles

Parchment paper

Decorating bag


1. Lay your chocolate wafers onto a piece of parchment paper.

2. In a microwave safe bowl, heat your chocolate melts on 50% power for 3 to 4 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds until melted.

3. Pour your melted chocolate into a decorating bag and cut a small tip off the end.

4. Use your decorating bag to dab a small amount of chocolate under the top of the wafer and press it back onto the parchment paper.

5. Using your decorating bag draw the outline of the palm leaves onto the palm tree and then fill them fill with the chocolate.

6. While the chocolate is still soft, top off with Sprinkles and a few brown M&M’s.

7. Let your chocolate harden before you carefully take them off the parchment paper

Can you believe how easy these were to make. Well you know me, I never do anything that takes up too much time, after all when you’re a mom, you really don’t have the time to spend slaving in the kitchen doing anything too difficult. Get the kids involved and have them dreaming about summer as well.

What are your plans for the summer?

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