Orbit for Kids Gum Review

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It’s National Dental Hygiene Month and we’re kicking off the month with a fun way to help take care of your mouth. Once again my brothers will be doing this review, after all I’m only 20 months old and although I take really great care of my teeth this one I couldn’t do. I promise that I’ll be back with something special just for me and you. Without further ado here’s my writer, my mommy, to introduce my stinky brothers.

Poor Madison she feels left out. Don’t feel too sorry for her because although she wasn’t able to review the brand new Orbit for Kids gum she did have fun hiding them from her brothers. Kyle (12) and Mikael (8) hate to brush their teeth. It’s always something that I have to remind them to do. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea. They do their bi-yearly dental visits and the last visit needed fillings because of how badly they care for their teeth. 

Well Orbit has a brand new gum made specially just for kids and they were kind enough to send me a sample along with new toothbrush package complete with floss and mouthwash. Now I was pleasantly surprised that Orbit had gum for kids. Kids love eating gum and it’s usually the sweeter the better. Orbit Kids come in two delicious flavors: Strawberry Banana (which we received) and the Original Bubble Gum. 

They are also available in 2 different package size. The envelope size that includes 14 sticks of gum and the Micro Pack Multi-Pack bags which has 10-packs of 6 stick micro packs inside. I love the micro-packs! 

Now you’re probably wondering “how can gum help with dental hygiene?”, believe me I asked the same thing too. Well I took a look at the Orbit for Kids website and I was truly amazed at the info that was there. 

Did you the benefits of chewing sugar free gum? If not I’m going to list them for you. Taken from their website: 

  1. It Stimulates Saliva Flow: Chewing sugarfree gum stimulates saliva production – an important defense mechanism to help protect teeth. And healthy teeth means happy mouths! 
  2. Neutralizes Plaque Acids: The increased saliva stimulation that comes from chewing sugarfree gum has been demonstrated to neutralize plaque acids. Fabulous!
  3. Helps to Keep Teeth Clean: Chewing sugarfree gum within 15 minutes of eating or drinking helps clear food debris from teeth. That’s something to smile about!

Now I don’t condone chewing gum instead of brushing because there’s no way that’s going to work but this is a great way for me to encourage my boys to brush. I use the Orbit for Kids gum as a treat after meals as well. I really love the fact that they’re sugar free and they’re a great alternative to brushing when you don’t have the time to brush. Think being outdoors after a quick trip to your favorite fast food restaurant.

Now Orbit for Kids also sent us that little toothbrush package that you see in the photo above and the boys were delighted, especially Mikael. The toothbrush is made by Firefly and has a really cool feature. It blinks just like a firefly would for one minute letting your child know that they should brush that long. My ideal time for brushing is 2 minutes but this was a very cool alternative. I would much prefer them brushing for 1 minute instead of a few seconds which is what they like to do. You can also go for another minute or two if you prefer as well.

Now here’s a little video of Kyle and Mikael giving us their impression of Orbit for Kids gum.

You can learn more about Orbit for Kids via their Website or connect with them via their Facebook page.

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