Make Bedtime Magic with the Disney Storytime Theater Projector

Just like most kids my age I hate bedtime. I hate it with every fibre of my little being. While I love taking a bath, that’s about it for me and bedtime. Bedtime for me means that I have to get in bed and I have to go to sleep. Now why would you want to go to sleep? That means that I miss out on everything that’s going on around me and trust me I’ve heard that things do happen while I’m asleep. After all my big brothers go to bed later than I do so I know that they know a little about what goes on at night. While I hate bedtime and I probably will do so for quite some time, I’ve learned to make it a bit more tolerable. As a matter of fact ever since I got the Disney Storytime Theater Projector, bedtime has been a bit more magical.

The Disney Storytime Theater Projector comes with the projector and one press n play character (Toy Story) to get the magic started. There are however 8 more press n play characters to collect and I was lucky enough to collect 5 of them.  The Storytime Theater projector however does require the use of Tech4Kids Storytime Theater app to get it to work, available on both iTunes and Google Play. Mommy downloaded it on my iPad mini and we were all set to go. Now here is a few more things you might want to know about this amazing device.

With the Storytime Theater projector I’m able to bring my characters that I know and love to life. All in my room! I simply put the press n play character of my choice on my iPad to unlock their story. Through a wireless connection with the projector, I watch as the story magically comes to life on the wall, with custom animation for every page. There are three modes that I can use to enjoy the story even more. Read To Me, Read It Myself and Bedtime.

Read to Me:
This features a narrator that reads to me and I turn the page when I’m ready.

Read it Myself:
This lets me flip the pages on the projector using the app and I can record my own voice which I can play back later.

Bedtime Mode: This is by far my favorite mode. The story plays by itself so the pages turn automatically. When the story is done a starry nightlight comes on and music plays to help me fall asleep.

There is even an auto shutoff to ensure that ensure that it doesn’t disrupt me once I do fall asleep and it conserves my battery.

OK I was a little disappointed though in the quality of the projector images. You know I’m going to be honest with you. It didn’t look at all like the video below or on the box. There is no way for you to adjust the focus but then I didn’t have to. It however was animated and it was clear enough for me to see and understand the story. Just remember that you do need to have your device in order for it to work.

Just take a look at the video of some of the fun features.

If you want to limit electronics at bedtime then this might not be the toy for you. If you want something fun and enjoyable, something to keep your little one in bed until they get tired enough to fall asleep, then this is it. While I still hate bedtime, I don’t mind actually laying in the bed until it’s time to go to sleep. Bedtime has finally become magical thanks again to the Disney Storytime Theater Projector.

You can get your own Disney Storytime Theater Projector sold at ToysRUs, Target and Kmart.

Let’s discuss: What ways do you employ to get your kids ready for bed? 

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