Are You Looking For Love? Here’s Some Important Advice

Many of us confuse our inherent need for validation with true love, which ultimately leads to heartaches. Many of us rush into relationships without considering our true feelings for the other person, just for the sake of upholding societal standards of love, relationships, and partners. Finding love shouldn’t be rushed as it’s not to be taken lightly. If you’re looking for your special person, make sure that you don’t dive headfirst into the process, or else you could end up getting hurt.

Many people ask what true love really is. While there have been many philosophical answers to this question, every individual has a different definition of love. It’s said that a person finds three kinds of love in their life: first love or puppy love which holds a lot of excitement, great love, which sweeps you off your feet, and finally true love, which may not be as exciting or magical as first love or as passionate as great love but it would just make sense. True love is unconditional love for a person; it feels secure, reassuring, and perfect. No matter how many ups and downs you go through, true love doesn’t end. To guide you in your journey to find true love here is some heartfelt advice. 

Looking for Love
  1. Strive To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Before you can look for someone to love you, you need to love yourself. Self-love is the most important form of love, and someone else’s validation will never be enough if you’re not satisfied with yourself. Not only will you be unhappy, but you’ll also bring your partner down with you, which would be unfair to them. 

If you’ve heard of the law of attraction, you know that positivity attracts positive people, so if you’re at your best, thinking positive thoughts, you’ll be able to attract the best people. Although there might be some exceptions to this law, people who’re drowning in negativity often attract red flags, making them even worse than before. So, saying this again, love yourself first; everything else comes later. 

  1. Identify What You Want In A Partner 

Most breakups happen because of a couple’s incompatibility with each other; they spend the entirety of the relationship being annoyed by the other’s traits they don’t like. Not everyone is alike, and there will always be some habits that you’re not a fan of; however, this doesn’t mean you are incompatible. Incompatibility is a much bigger issue; therefore, you should set a standard for any of your future partners. Consider the traits that caused problems in your previous relationships, or if you’ve never been in a relationship, consider others’ experiences and your preferences. You shouldn’t be too rigid when using this list; after all, no one is perfect, right? It should just serve as a reminder of the traits that you would prefer your partner doesn’t have.   

  1. Try Online Dating 

In the era of technological advancement, everything has shifted online. Although online dating has been trending for a few years now, many people still don’t trust it to work. There is some reasoning for their choice as online dating can be somewhat risky. However, there are many apps and websites that provide a perfectly safe and good experience. In fact, even Muslims nowadays find love and happiness on online dating sites. Online platforms provide excellent features to scope out someone who’s not only compatible with you but also matches your personality and vibe. Granted, people like that are rare to find, but online dating channels are designed especially for this purpose.

  1. Socialize More 

If you’re an introvert, you need to socialize more if you want to meet your soulmate. Your true love is out there waiting for you to show up; even if you don’t believe in fate, you’re not going to be able to meet someone you like if you don’t meet new people. So hang out with friends with the same personality as you; this way, you’ll be more likely to meet someone whose traits match yours. 

Looking for Love

There comes a time for us all where we feel it’s time to settle down and find true and genuine companionship with a partner. True love is a rare thing, especially in today’s age where people rapidly hop from one person to another. It’s pretty hard to find genuine and loyal people these days. Although there’s no secret formula to finding true love, these tips can essentially nudge you to the correct path; the rest will happen automatically. Remember not to try too hard when seeking love; instead, let true love find you while you strive to be your best self.

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