JOCO Glass Reusable Not Just Coffee Cup

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I hope it’s a good morning for you. We have been having lots of snow the past week and I’m not sure when it’s going to end. While I’m not a fan of snow because I love being outdoors there is something I do love when it’s cold outside. That’s a nice warm cup of milk, whether it’s chocolate or strawberry. As long as it’s nice and warm it’s good enough for me. Well you may have noticed that my post says JOCO Glass Reusable Not Just Coffee Cup, and you’re probably wondering to yourself, does Madison drink coffee? If she does then she has a terrible mother. Who mother would allow their toddler to drink coffee? Well there is decaf but mommy won’t even let me touch that. This post today is about JOCO and their amazing coffee cups but guess what? They’re not just for coffee as I’m going to show you, they’re perfect for any hot or cold drink. In my case it’s milk but parents would love it for their coffee of course.

Mommy likes coffee and she usually buys that expensive kind that she pays an arm and a leg for and gets them daily, but they’re always handed to her in a nice paper cup.  You know the kind I’m talking about. You’ve probably seen them in a photo or two on Instagram. She’s addicted I tell you! While the coffee might be great she doesn’t think about all the trees that are destroyed to make those cups that she gets her coffee in daily. Well JOCO Cups are here to save the day!

JOCO Cups are made from glass which is an all natural material. It lasts longer (no trash) and is BPA and chemical free. Since glass doesn’t taint flavor, your coffee will taste just like coffee and not like paper. As a matter of fact so will my chocolate milk and juice. As of this moment JOCO cups comes in three different sizes, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz so they have the perfect size for just anyone.

Now one of the feature that we loved about JOCO is the lid. Why did no-one ever thought that these lids are perfect for toddlers or those starting out to drink from a cup? So while these cups may be perfect for adults and their drinks, they are also perfect for your little ones and theirs as well.

Each cup comes with a silicone lid and a silicone sleeve. The silicone sleeve is removable and it keeps your drinks hot while it keeps your hands cool. As someone with tiny hands it’s good to know that my hands will be kept cool and safe. No worries about being burnt. The silicone lid is splash-proof so once again no worries about it spilling out and burning me as well. The silicone sleeves and lids are also available for individual purchase so you can change up your look. Same glass cup but different color. After all you may have more than one favorite color. Did I mention that they’re dishwasher safe?

So if you’re looking for a gift for the coffee lover in your life. Or you know that one friend who is hard to shop for but just loves their coffee from that coffee shop then this is the gift for them. If you also have little ones in your life who loves their hot chocolate as much as I do and would love to not have a plastic sippy cup, then this is the cup for them too. You’ll be protecting the environment and Mother Nature will love you for it. I guarantee that you’ll love them as much as I do. That’s why they get my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

JOCO Cups are currently available for purchase online at their website. Here are the other ways you can connect and learn more.

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