Travel with Indigo – One of the Best Airlines in India

If you are thinking about a low-cost traveling option by flying in India, then you may close your eyes and select Indigo. Yes, the blue-colored logo airline is most chosen by travelers across the country for various reasons. To start with, it is economical, then the services offered are close to premium. There will be no issues with respect to the higher price of the tickets or frequent cancellations. Even the customer care department of the airlines is prompt as they will help you with any services in a jiffy. 

Travel with Indigo

Indigo – Destinations and Fleet

Indigo airlines connect major cities and states of India and it even has connectivity with some parts of the world. Some of the airbuses that are operated by the airlines include A320 and A321. The capacity of these airbuses is 180 to 222. Coming to the destinations, Indigo surprises one and all. It covers 66 domestic cities and around 24 international places. The new destinations of Indigo include Durgapur, Kurnool, Agra, and Rajkot. The major cities where the airlines travel frequently are Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Kochi, and so on. The international cities that Indigo connects include Zurich, Budapest, Malta, Vienna, Athens, London Gatwick, Brussels, Paris, Tel Aviv, Prague, and Dublin among a few. 

Ownership and Headquarters

Indigo Airlines is publicly traded under the NSE. It has a market capitalization of Rs. 32,702 Crore. The main office is headquartered in Gurugram of Haryana and its current CEO is Ronojoy Dutta. As of October 2021, the market share of the airline was 53.5%. One of the best features of the airline is that the flights are always on time, and sometimes they surprise us by being earlier than the set time.

Trusting AAgents or Online Portals

Well, you may book or reserve your tickets in any way. Be it through an agent or by yourself by checking the online sites. The best way is to book the tickets from the travel portals as it is easier, quicker, and more convenient. You will find all the details when you mention the departure and arrival destination. The list of the flights with the details including the time, layover (if any), and cost will appear on the screen. You should know that the early morning and late-night flights are cheaper than the day and evening flights. So, if it is convenient for you to book an early morning or late night flight, then you may go ahead. In addition, these web portals and their respective mobile apps offer several discounts and promotional offers. This especially happens during festivals or off-seasons. Hence, you need to be checking them frequently to grab such offers. In addition to this, booking flights from these online websites is much more hassle-free than booking through agents. There will be no hidden costs. Also, if you have any queries, you can even use the chatbox or call them directly for help. 

Web Check-In for Easy Travel

If you wish to manage bookings, either change the date or change the name, then it is possible through the travel websites from where you have reserved your tickets. Even cancellations can be done in a convenient manner. As there are no middlemen, the charges will be comparatively less. Also, it becomes easy to make a web check-in through these portals and mobile apps and you don’t have to wait in queues when you are at the airport. The web check-in option is open 48 hours before the flight time. You will have to enter your name, PNR, and other information. Once the check-in is done, you will be allotted seats. You can even pre-book your meals while you are doing a web check-in.

Services Offered by Indigo

You can choose either economy class or business class when you are booking an Indigo flight. The economy class would be cheaper than the business class, however, both of the classes will be offered the best services accordingly. In addition, the business class passengers will also have better legroom and they will be given priority. 

So, now if you are impressed with the Indigo airlines, go for it and book the next travel tickets for your trip. 

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