5 Ideas For Fun And Beautiful Gift Wrapping

Say somebody throws a $2,000 ring in a Walmart bag and gives it to you. You’re going to be excited by the ring, but can you honestly say the presentation doesn’t undermine the impact? It’s like with cuisine: the best food isn’t appetizing if it isn’t presented in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. But sub-par food tastes better with a fine presentation.

Accordingly, think of gift-giving the same way, and even a mediocre gift becomes an exciting experience for the recipient. Gift wrapping is as important as the gifts themselves. Following we’ll cover five gift wrapping ideas you may want to think about to get the response you’re looking for.

1. A Designer Gift Bag

This is a simple, common, but expressive way of wrapping a gift. You get a glossy “gift bag” that’s got a pleasing color scheme to it and some tissue to shroud the gift, then put the gift in the bag, and voila! Style and mystery combine for a fine gift-giving experience for both those giving and those receiving.

Only, don’t get too attached to the bag—unless of course, you’re the kind of family member who reuses wrapping paper and gift bags. That’s not a bad thing; it’s just something you’ve got to be careful of when you’re giving gifts outside the family. Sometimes the bags themselves cost money.

2. Traditional Wrapping Paper, But Well-Folded

You can tell somebody who put time and effort into wrapping a present, and somebody who just wadded up some paper around a given object and slapped some tape on the ends. There is an art to wrapping something effectively. Some prefer to use gift-wrapping services like those at the mall, though those are less available in the wake of 2020’s crisis.

The good news is, the art of wrapping is something relatively easy to master; you’ve just got to practice it. If you really want to get in-depth, look up an online tutorial on creative wrapping ideas.

3. Dabbling With Professional Labeling Services

Another option is going with online professional options in terms of wrapping. Especially if the gifts you’re giving are to a whole group of people, this may well be the way to go. For example, at deepkinglabels.com you’ll find quite a few different options as regards customizable packaging solutions.

Say you’ve got an office full of employees that are getting a gift-based incentive. You can order custom packaging for a group of a hundred, and the gift will feel exceptionally high-end.

Wrapping Designs For Gift-Giving

4. Using One Gift To Wrap Another Gift—Jewelry In Chocolate

This is a great way to doubly surprise someone—especially if you’re dating. Say you’ve got a sweet little lady in your life, and you want to butter her up. Buy a necklace and some chocolates.

Now switch out one of the chocolates for the necklace, and carefully rewrap the sweets. She’ll think you just gave her candies, and when she finds the jewelry, it’s going to blow her mind. This works. It definitely works.

However, be careful; sometimes it works too well—especially as an apology. What if you shouldn’t have apologized? There are situations where that’s the case, believe it or not! The key is, don’t give away that you double-gifted her.

5. Double-Wrap Ribbons, Bows; Whatever Fits

Something else you can do is make the wrapping a true experience. Say you’ve got something like a hard drive you’re giving to a technology enthusiast. Put that hard drive inside a larger box with tissue. Put that larger box inside an even bigger box. Wrap that box in three layers of paper. Put the whole package in one of those designer bags.

Remember that movie Inception, about dreams within dreams? That’s the idea here. The fun is seeing how far you can take it. Especially if the gift is only of medium overall value, this can “jazz it up”, as it were.

If you’re giving something extremely valuable, that can make it even better as well. Bonus points for a gift within a gift within a box within a box within wrapping within a bag. Once you get the gift wrapped, be sure to add whatever ribbons or bows you think fit for added flair. 

Making Each Gift A Work Of Art

Whether making multiple wrapping paradigms define your gift, using one gift to hide another, dabbling with professional services, being precise with traditional wrapping, or putting a gift in a fine gift bag with delicate tissues to shroud the surprise, whoever you’re giving the gift to will likely be enchanted.

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