Hugo: The Last Bully Book Review

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I’m a huge lover of books. I love reading any and every book that comes my way. I’m not a huge fan of e-books only because I love to turn the pages so I was happy when I given a hardcover version of this book. The Hugo series is written by Suzy Liebermann.

First let me tell you a bit about Hugo. Hugo the Happy Starfish decided to start an ABC (Anti Bully Club) because his friend Clooney Clownfish was being bullied by Bandit the Barracuda. When Bandit was himself  was bullied by Simon the Shark he decided to stop bullying himself and join the Anti Bully Club as well. There is always a bigger fish in the sea!

It does share a great lesson about bullying and why it isn’t nice to be a bully. According to Hugo, what goes around comes around. There is always going to be someone bigger than you and they will bully you as well, and you won’t like that one bit. This also teaches about respect.

There is no age recommendation for this book but I would suggest for children over the age of 3. Even though the illustrations were very well done it didn’t keep my attention like most books have done in the past. Maybe it was just a little too much over my head. There is also a little bit of spanish mixed in as well in my book. When Hugo told Bandit to leave his friend Clooney alone, he also said it in Spanish. A great way for your little one to learn a new phrase in another language although I wished he taught a few more phrases that I could use in every day life.

My 8yr old autistic brother actually enjoyed this book though. A lot more than I did but that’s because he can relate to it. He was bullied because of his special needs by his classmates in school. Kids can really be mean at times and it really isn’t nice to bully. He knows that its not nice and if you’ve ever been bullied you know how much it can hurt. Moral of this story. NEVER BE A BULLY!

So the question you’re wondering is, do I recommend Hugo: The Last Bully? I do but not for young toddlers such as myself. A 3yr old and anyone older would appreciate it a bit more.

Hugo The Last Bully will be available in 7 different languages as an ebook on Amazon. You can also take a look at all the other Hugo The Happy Starfish books on the Website.

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