How to Spend 48hrs in Arlington, TX (with Kids)

Arlington, Texas, is a wonderful place to visit even if you are not a kid! In fact, it’s one of the best places in the country for families to spend time together exploring and learning. Six Flags Over Texas, Free Play, Alley Cats, K1 Speed, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not are all great places for kids to have a good time. And there are some excellent eateries for lunch and dinner, as well as for breakfast.

things to do in arlington with kids

Last summer, for our annual family vacation, we chose to drive from Colorado Springs to Arlington, TX (an 8-hour journey), where we would engage in some exciting activities for the next 48 hours. As former Six Flags Over Texas season pass members, we’ve visited Arlington in the past, but we stopped doing so a few years ago. So, how can you get a taste of Arlington, Texas in 48 hours when traveling with kids?

Consider this plan for a two-day visit to Arlington, Texas with kids!

things to do in arlington with kids

Day 1

Pioneer Restaurant

The Pioneer Restaurant is a great place to start your day. From 1966 until the present, it has been a Texas tradition and is well-known for its cinnamon rolls.

K1 Speed

After breakfast, take the youngsters to K1 Speed indoor go-karting and let them race against each other. They also provide a simulator if you want to get some practice in before the race.

Free Play

It’s time for Free Play at Arlington, TX! You can find them in their new location next to Ultrazone. It’s an arcade where you pay $20 per person and get to play games all day long on your own wristband. If you want food, there is a pizza place inside the arcade with craft beer too (Craft Brews & Cheesesteaks). The 48-hour pass is recommended if you plan on staying longer than two hours. That way you don’t have to swap wristbands if someone goes to use the restroom or gets hungry.

Ripley’s Believe it Or Not

Visit Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, where you can get your picture taken with Elvis, watch a knife swallowing demonstration, and more. They also include items that can be touched, such as meteorites from space! And don’t forget to have your hand cast before you go so that you have something to remember your trip by.

Day 2

Rise and Shine Restaurant

For breakfast, of course! Head over to Rise and Shine Restaurant for some delicious pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, or maybe a salad to start your day off right. The Cali Skillet, which they serve for breakfast, is excellent.

Cali Skillet

Alley Cats Entertainment Center

If you’re looking for some arcade games that are also quieter than some others, stop by Alley Cats Entertainment Center. The center offers a wide range of activities, including bowling, laser tag, arcades, putt-putt golf, rock climbing, and more. They’re also only about 15 minutes away from Six Flags Over Texas, which is where you’ll end your day.

Six Flags Over Texas

The Six Flags Over Texas theme park is a must-see when visiting Arlington. One-day tickets are available for as little as $35, depending on when you purchase them. On Friday nights, you’ll be able to ride roller coasters all day long until the clock strikes midnight (8 p.m. the rest of the week). Themed attractions such as Gotham City, Looney Tunes Movieland, and Aquaman’s Kingdom will appeal to children of all ages.

They also provide complimentary lockers at the theme park’s main gate for items such as jackets and purses while you’re on the roller coasters! The New Texas Giant is a three-minute-long roller coaster that can be found at Six Flags Over Texas. It’s particularly impressive because it contains two distinct points of no return.

The Superman ride is great too if you would prefer not to ride a coaster with loops or upside-down things. With a height of 325 feet above the ground, this mind-bogglingly gigantic steel tower is not only one of the tallest structures in the park, but it is also one of the highest drop tower rides in the world… The three-legged tower is so dizzyingly high that simply attempting to ride it will earn you the admiration of your peers as a superhero.

Every weekend, you may also enjoy their spectacular fireworks display! After you’ve had your fill of the rides at the theme park, walk next door to Hurricane Harbor (a water park) for even more family entertainment. It costs approximately $40 per person, or it is included in the price of your season pass.

Tips & Tricks:

There were so many great places that we didn’t even get a chance to try one of our top picks, Hurricane Harbor. This makes us want another trip back already!

One thing we would have done differently: we arrived at the park too late in the morning, and there were really long lines for the attractions we were most interested in, which made us feel rushed. I would advise you to begin your day as early as possible, preferably at 9 a.m.

Because GPS can be inaccurate indoors, use Waze or Google Maps to get there. If you don’t mind staying within walking distance of K1 Speed and Free Play, you can also consider renting an Airbnb room. According to the information I saw on the UberX app, most UberX rides cost $5–10 each way. We, on the other hand, had our own mode of transportation.

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Lastly, remember to pack a few water bottles because you’ll have lots of opportunities to replenish them during the day! They’re wonderful for getting free refills anywhere and are quite convenient when you’re walking to your activities.

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