How to Have Fun with Kids in Luxembourg

Madison and I were invited by the country of Luxembourg to explore their beautiful land. All opinions are my own.

Not sure whether you should bring your kids to Luxembourg? It shouldn’t even be a question – the answer is yes! Quiet, safe, and small, it’s easy to navigate and filled with warm, welcoming people, making it a great alternative to some of the more well-known spots in Europe. As lovely as they are to visit, cities like Paris, Rome, and London are known as much for their crowds and pickpockets as they are their monuments and attractions – but that’s not an issue in Luxembourg.

Unlike some other spots in Europe, your children probably haven’t heard of Luxembourg, but given the country’s fairytale appearance and abundance of things to keep little ones entertained, they’re sure to fall in love with the country once they see what it has to offer. As long as you find a few kid-friendly things to do while you’re there, they’ll be just as impressed as you are by the time your stay is up.

If you’re looking to have an excellent time with kids in Luxembourg, I’m here to help! These are some of my favorite ways to have fun with kids while you’re in Luxembourg:

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Have fun on the pirate ship at Parc de Monterey.

Luxembourg is home to several excellent parks, but Parc de Monterey stands out for its well-kept facilities, gorgeous greenery, and impressive pirate ship for kiddos to play on. Parents can comfortably watch from nearby as children run, climb, play, and otherwise burn off energy. It’s not too far from many of Luxembourg City’s most well-loved attractions, including the Notre Dame Cathedral, so you can easily incorporate this one into your itinerary as a quick break to keep the kids happy.

Be amazed by the butterfly garden.

While you’re in Luxembourg, the whole family will appreciate a quick trip to Grevenmacher to see the butterfly garden. This attraction houses tropical gardens in humid greenhouses that serve as the home for an incredible variety of exotic butterflies – as well as chameleons, birds, and other critters better suited for a hot, humid environment. You can examine butterflies at all stages of life up close – and, of course, try out your photography skills by snapping a few pictures while you’re here!

Visit the Chateau de Vianden.

Kids and adults alike will appreciate Chateau de Vianden, a picturesque castle in the town of Vianden that looks like something pulled straight from a classic fairytale. Restored to its former glory after sitting in a state of disrepair for years, the castle is well worth a visit. Once you’ve made your way to the castle, you’ll definitely want to take the audio tour (available in several languages, including English) to get the most out of your experience. Check with the staff to see if any special events or activities are happening while you’re there – like many museums throughout Luxembourg, you can often find special events and programming for children here.

Be warned – if you visit during the winter months, you’ll want to wear some comfortable shoes! Once you reach Vianden, the only way to access the castle is to climb uphill on foot. In the summer, however, you can…

Have a blast at Parc Merveilleux. 

Situated in Bettembourg, south of Luxembourg City, Parc Merveilleux is part zoo, part playground, making it the perfect spot for children to enjoy some time outdoors. The zoo is home to a decent assortment of animals, ranging from birds and reptiles to wolves, tamarins, and wallabies – definitely worth a tour! Little kids will especially enjoy the petting zoo, where they can pet goats and other small, friendly critters.

And the playground? It’s one of the best you’ll find anywhere. There are many different slides, swings, and structures for your kids to climb up, down, and under, as well as…

  • Play areas and structures designed to look like planes, spider webs, and more to spark your kid’s imagination.
  • Lots of fun and interesting sculptures to examine – and photograph!
  • A mini-golf course for a friendly family competition.
  • Quaint storybook-style houses with dioramas that illustrate scenes from popular fairy tales.

There are plenty of shaded areas and spaces to sit down, making Parc Merveilleux a great spot to visit even on the warmest summer day in Luxembourg.

Take the Vianden Chairlift! 

Not for the faint of heart or those fearful of heights, the Vianden Chairlift is an easy way to soak up some incredible views and avoid the long trek up to Chateau de Vianden. Open only during the warmer months and closed during inclement weather, you and your family are loaded into open-air chairs – very much like ski lifts – that carry you to the top over a lush green canopy of trees.

From the top, you’ll find excellent views of the city down below and easy access to the Chateau. When it’s time to head back to the bottom, you have a couple of different options: you can hike down one of the trails that leads back to town, or you can take the chairlift back down. If you’re traveling with young children, the chairlift is probably the best option unless your kiddos are hikers – otherwise, they may tire out halfway down.

Visit the Castle Playground. 

Once again, Luxembourg knocks it out of the park with yet another playground your kids won’t want to leave. Tucked away in the western part of Luxembourg City at 45 Rue Charlemagne, the park is home to gorgeous green lawns, plenty of shady trees, and the namesake castle for kiddos to play on. They’ll have a blast befriending others as they explore the castle’s various towers, bridges, slides, and swings, and when they’re tired, you can sit down and enjoy a picnic at one of the park’s tables.

As long as you put a little consideration into your Luxembourg itinerary, your kids are guaranteed to have a great time – and so will you! Add some of these kid-friendly spots into your plans, or see what other things you can do to keep the whole family entertained.

Madison and I were invited by the country of Luxembourg to explore their beautiful land. All opinions are my own.
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