How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Smoke In Your Home

We all know how upsetting it feels when the house suddenly goes from smelling clean to having a lingering smoky smell either because of an accidental fire, an electrical fault, burning oil, or cigarettes. What is more annoying is when we urgently need to restore the smell of our homes to clean fresh air because we are expecting company and trying to get rid of a particular smell.

So, here are a few effective ways to get rid of that pungent, smoky smell in your home:

How To Get Rid Smoke Smell
  1. Clean Walls and Ceilings

Some soot latches to the walls and ceilings of our homes and goes beyond the rooms, primarily affected by whatever the cause of the smoke since it travels fast. One way to deal with removing smoky smells is to clean the walls and ceilings in our homes. How do we do this? By using a vinegar and water mixture or solution to do the cleaning and wiping. This way, not only does the stain come off, but the pungent smell is also completely neutralized. 

  1. Get An Electric Humidor

Many times, the smoky smell isn’t caused by any fire or electrical accident or even smoking indoors but by the cigarette and tobacco sticks stored up in the house which naturally leave their trademark smell even when not lit. However, we don’t have to give up our right to fresh air in the home because of these cigarettes. Electric humidors from Newair are humidity-controlled boxes used mainly to store cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, and pipes. Their primary function is to maintain a moisture level that helps to keep cigars fresh. This also prevents the lingering smell of these cigarettes produced when they are stored in a way that dries them out or makes them moist. A high-quality electronic humidor cabinet is a good bet if you have cigars stored up in the house but want to prevent their smell from becoming the dominant smell in your home.

  1. Change Light-Bulbs

The soot or dust from smoke can fuse to lightbulbs as they get hot and emit smoky smells which continue to linger. All you need to do is remove the light bulbs and replace them with new ones.

  1. Clean The Floors

The floors happen to be one of the major causes of smoky smells as they easily absorb smells from the atmosphere. Depending on what kind of coverage is used on the floor, sprinkle baking soda onto the carpet to deodorize and then use a steam vacuum cleaner. For example, if the floor is hardwood, vacuum up any dust on it and then go ahead to deodorize with baking soda and clean with a steam vacuum cleaner. However, if it is tiled, simply clean with vinegar and water solution or baking soda.

  1. Clean Windows and Wash Curtains

For some reason, the window panes and the curtains have a way of gathering up all the dust particles from the air, including smoke dust. This, in turn, accumulates and begins to filter the fresh air that comes in through the windows or doors with smoke. So in getting rid of smoke smells, one of the very effective ways is to clean the windows using your regular cleaners with a dash of vinegar. You can also use this solution to wash the curtains. This way, the air coming into the house would not be diffused by smoke.

  1. Do Your Smoking Outside

Unfortunately, there’s no permanent solution for getting rid of the lingering smell of smoke in the house unless you want to repeat all the steps mentioned already after every smoking session. We recommend you smoke outside the house where you’re exposed to open air, and the smoke, dust, and smell can be carried away.

  1. Get an Air-Purifier/Freshener

Air-Purifiers help purify the house’s air and reduce or eliminate unwanted smells from the atmosphere. Air fresheners are great to freshen the air in the home. They may not be useful for neutralizing odors, but they certainly are good for infusing the air with a nice smell. They are sold in different fragrance options, and we can pick any of them and have our homes smelling just the way we would like it.

How To Get Rid Smoke Smell

It is almost impossible to avoid the smell of smoke in your home completely. This is because it is normal to have something burn in the kitchen or accidents with the fireplace. However, having the right information and tools to deal with such occurrences is paramount. If you are dealing with smoky smells in your home, the tips in this post will surely help you eliminate them. 

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