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With the kids going back to school, there are a few things that you may want to take into consideration. While their handwriting isn’t something that most people pay attention to, the better their penmanship, the more legible it is to grade their homework since you’ll be able to understand what they’re writing. Today I’ll be sharing some ways that you could encourage good penmanship. This post is sponsored in partnership with BIC, however, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

I have always had a pretty good handwriting if I may say so myself. I remember as a young child, my mother would sit with me and we would practice over and over until I got it right. As I got older my writing evolved, but it is legible and while I much prefer writing in script over print, writing has always been fun to me. However, one thing that I must have is a good pen to write with, the new BIC® Gel-ocity® Quick Dry gel pens were awesome to write with. I have a love/hate relationship with gel pens. While I love the way they write, they almost always smudge before I’m done. BIC® Gel-ocity Quick Dry gel pens dry up to 3x faster* with much less smearing and are available in a variety of colors including my favorite color purple.  However, today I want to share a few tips on how you can get your own kids to better their penmanship.

*vs. BIC® Gel-ocity® Original, based on average dry times of blue, black and red. Individual dry times may vary by color.

Teach the Proper Grasp

Now in order to get your handwriting in tip top shape, you first need to know how to hold a pencil or pen. Get them a few pencil grips and place them on their pens and pencils. Pencil grips are great for both lefties and righties and helps with the proper placement for holding your writing utensils. Once your kids know how to hold their pen or pencil properly, they’ll be able to write a lot better.

Keep Practicing

As with all things, practice makes perfect. The more your child practices his handwriting the better it will become. In order not to make it tedious, try making it fun. Try practicing with handwriting games such as hangman, word puzzles and other such games, that will keep them entertained while they practice.

Have the Right Tools

Start out with a pencil and give them an eraser so that they’re not too consumed with not making a mistake. Let them know that it’s ok to make mistakes. For younger kids or kindergarteners there are “big” pencils that they can hold easier than regular size pencils. The bigger size is perfect for small hands is easier for them to hold.

Be Patient

This is one of the most difficult tip and one that I currently use for myself. It can get frustrating when you know that your kids can do better, but for some reason they don’t try and put in the effort. However, you need to be patient. Getting frustrated, yelling, screaming will do you both no good. Instead, take a time out and come back to it. For those who have lefty’s in the family, whereas you are right handed, it can be even more challenging, so be patient.

Give Positive Reinforcement

Pick your battles and give lots of positive reinforcement. Now while you may want your child to have a neat handwriting for English classes, Math classes are an entirely different story. When your child does a good job, give a reward and continue to encourage them to do their best.

My daughter Kristal is in college and couldn’t wait to get her hands on the new BIC® Gel-ocity® Quick Dry gel pens. She’s already got her favorite colors and said that they’re going to make her back to college classes so much easier. They’re a must have for your kids heading back to school, and everybody, including lefties will get a super-smooth writing experience. This Sunday, August 13th, is International Left Handers Day. As someone who has a few lefty’s in her family, which includes my youngest, these pens are a lefty’s best friend!

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So give the BIC ® Gel-ocity ® Quick Dry gel pens a try today and improve your writing and creativity!

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