5 Steps to Create a Video Ad on Facebook

Lately, video ads are flooding our timeline. This is not accidental, as they are ideal in attracting the attention of the public and encouraging them to take some action. The medium of the video offers fantastic results to all those who use it. You, too, can use this proven tactic to achieve all those goals you have set to attract even more people to your business as long as you know the ways in which you can achieve it.

how to create a video ad on facebook

The perfect script for a Facebook video ad campaign!

The options you have are countless! You can videotape yourself or create videos with animated content and music to achieve your goal.

In any case, what you should be concerned with is doing the right targeting and communicating a strong message to your audience. If you succeed in these two, then success is more than guaranteed.

Today we will show you how you can create the perfect script for a video ad campaign on Facebook in just five lines! Each line will achieve a goal: to attract attention, to build interest, to “awaken” desire, to create persuasion, and to urge some action.

Are you ready; Let’s get started!

1st Step: Draw attention

This is probably the most significant challenge if you consider how much content goes before our eyes every time we “check” Facebook “Home”. So you need something powerful! Focus on the needs or problems your audience is facing at the moment and how they feel about them by asking the following questions:

  • What are their most important issues?
  • What has disappointed them?
  • What are their wishes?

By answering these questions, you will “match” your audience with a problem and base your campaign on it. The identification of the audience with the message is what will catch their attention.

2nd Step: Keep the interest

So now that you have their attention, it is up to you to hold them to see the full ad. Now is the time to give them a little idea of how you can help them, but without revealing the solution to the problem. The phrase “easy and fast” enhances the interest in what will follow, and therefore, there is a greater chance that the user will continue to watch to see the solution.

3rd Step: Create the desire

Here you have to make them want the product or service that you offer them. This will be done by describing them in such a way that you make them feel that this is something they should definitely get. Focus on what sets your product apart from the competition, as well as how they will benefit from it.

An important role in this process is to set up and produce the ad that will be displayed. With creative storytelling and the use of a voice-over, you can achieve the goals you have set. So look for the best professionals who can help you with your Facebook ad. So you can look for voice actors online who will take off your existing material and will ideally convey the message you are trying to promote. There are many voice over talents at voquent.com to choose from, for any ad video or style, at the most economical and efficient prices you’ll find online.

Tip: The word “free” always makes an ad or offer more interesting!

4th Step: Convince them!

If your audience has reached this point, then you have done excellent targeting. All that is left now is to convince them to do the action you want them to do.

Alternatively, by showing that other people with shared interests/needs have acquired your product or service, you are subconsciously creating the need for them to take it more seriously or even to receive it. In any case, the information you use and the statement you make must be true, otherwise, you will damage your credibility.

5th Step: Add a call-to-action

Of course, this video ad was created so that the user can perform the action you want in the end. This point is a given and often does not get the attention it deserves.

how to create a video ad on facebook

It is essential that the user is confronted with a clear prompt for action, and Facebook gives you several possibilities in this area as well. In addition to the button, add your call-to-action to the video itself to make sure your audience will do what you ask.

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