How to Choose Your Everyday Jewelry

How to Choose Your Everyday Jewelry

Many still believe that jewelry is something you wear for a special event or occasion. Often, the jewelry reserved for everyday wear is the wedding band and nothing else. Why is this so? It could be because the number of choices is too overwhelming. While it is true that there are tons of factors to consider, we’ve listed the five essential things that you should consider when selecting your jewelry for everyday wear. Read on.

How to Choose Your Everyday Jewelry

Your Personal Style

Of course, your jewelry should reflect your personal style or physical appearance. If your everyday wear is pretty laid back, your choice of jewelry should be simple and not fussy at all. For instance, you can choose to wear stud earrings that you can simply forget and style your outfit by layering with an accent piece. If you prefer to wear a necklace, you can have a long chain paired with a bar necklace with a shorter chain to balance out your look.

Shape and cut of jewelry are necessary to match your style, wearing big jewelry won’t match if you’re attending business meetings and important events. Visit this guide to learn about diamond cuts and shapes to match your style. If you are someone who loves adding some glitz and glamor to your every day, opt for pearls or diamonds to achieve an elegant look.

Your Comfort Level

If you are going to choose jewelry that you can wear without any fuss, go for something that matches your lifestyle. Of course, the idea is not to wear a piece of jewelry you must continually think about. If you are comfortable wearing the engagement ring that your partner gave you then do so, particularly if they are ethically sourced like the ones by Love & Promise Rings.

If you are, however, more comfortable with wearing a simple band or a small hoop earring, it is perfectly okay. You don’t have to go too fancy. The key to the everyday look is to make it as simple as possible. Remember, anything that would cause you to stress about what you’re wearing is a big no-no.

How to Choose Your Everyday Jewelry

Your Spending Limit

Before you order that new bit of bling you’ve had your eye on, you first have to limit how much you are willing to spend. Once you have that settled, only visit stores that can meet your budget. If you promise yourself to buy a solid piece every month, make it worthwhile by choosing to spend your hard-earned money on real gold items that will last a lifetime. If you are strapped for cash, there’s nothing wrong with buying fashion pieces that you can mix and match to liven up your wardrobe every single day.

Remember, if you are not comfortable in spending too much money on jewelry, no one will judge you. You should not worry about what other people will think about your gems. What’s important is that you don’t live beyond your means.

Your Collection Tendency

A person can never have enough jewelry. In fact, for some people the more that they have, the better. By building up your collection, you can be sure that you have enough pieces that you can wear any time of the day. You can start your collection with simple pieces before graduating to vintage pieces that would become the talk of the town. Everybody starts small!

Your Jewelry Category

Before you keep on buying one particular type of jewelry, make sure that you have one of each from the basic categories. Ideally, you should have a pair of earrings, bracelet, necklace, and ring. In fact, you can buy pieces that would effortlessly complement each other like a matching earring and necklace. You can purchase statement pieces if you prefer or a stylish bracelet that you can wear solo. For a chain, you can choose to have a personalized one paired with a plain hoop earring.

How to Choose Your Everyday Jewelry

While it is tempting to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and jewelry, it is perfectly okay if you want to stick with the classics. The idea is to get pieces that would be easy to mix and match with what you already have in your closet. When aiming to stylize your everyday look, you can try to go for those that would allow you to move comfortably without breaking the bank. If you have heirloom pieces with sentimental value, you can wear them every day, no matter your style. No one will fault you for being all out on your jewelry, even if you are in your pajamas. 

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