Holiday Baking Made Easy with Nestle Tollhouse

My mom always tells me this time of year reminds her of her mom’s house and how it always smelled sweet with fresh baked cookies and treats. She and her mom spent days baking for the holidays and she has wonderful memories of enjoying those treats with family and friends.

Now that I’m getting older, baking cookies and other treats has become an important part of our holiday traditions too! The problem is that we’re so busy all of the time that it is hard to do as many homemade cookies and treats. This year though, mom bought Nestle Tollhouse Refrigerated Rolled and Ready Sugar Cookie Dough. This means that baking cookies doesn’t take as much time so we can spend more time together decorating the cookies. That’s my favorite part!

The Rolled and Ready Sugar Cookie Dough Sheets made making cookies easy and they taste so yummy. When the cookie dough comes out of the package it’s ready to cut with my favorite cookie cutters. We didn’t have to mix the dough or roll it out.

The cookies only take 8 -10 minutes to bake. This means we can make a lot of cookies in a little bit of time.

Once the cookies are cooled, they are ready to decorate! Did I mention that the decorating is my favorite part? We used royal icing and made our stars look like pretty snowflakes!

Nestle Toll House makes Rolled and Ready Holiday Sugar Cookie Dough Sheets, Holiday Chocolate Cookie Dough Sheets, and Holiday Gingerbread Cookie Dough Sheets. The packages are 16oz and each package makes about 18 cookies. We tried the Sugar Cookie and I can’t wait for mom to get the other two flavors for us to try.

Now you too can create special, long lasting memories with your kids and family without spending hours in the kitchen making everything from scratch. Let Nestle Toll House take care of some of the work this holiday season!

I know baking Nestle Toll House Cookies will stay a part of our holiday traditions! What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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