Hello, World: Weather and Solar System by Jill McDonald

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Toddler Book Talk Tuesday with you. I love reading and mommy makes sure that my mind stay stimulated by not only educational apps but books as well. I have an extensive library of books and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I have to say that reading not only educates but there are lots of benefits of reading to and with your child. It my case it helped with my language, most of you may not know but I had a slight speech delay when I was younger and was enrolled in speech therapy.  Not only did reading books together with mommy helped with my speech and language but I now also have an extensive vocabulary. Today however I want to share with you two delightful books I recently received in the mail. Hello, World: Weather and Solar System by Jill McDonald. The Hello, World series a a great way to introduce babies and toddlers to the world in a non-fiction but fun way.

“Jill McDonald is a Missouri-based illustrator and designer whose cheery and colorful art can be found on clothing, fabric, bedding, stationery, puzzles, games, and in a variety of books for babies and toddlers.”

Now while I loved both books, the Hello World Solar System is by far my favorite. This book introduces the solar system teaches about the planets, sun, moon and stars like no other. Told with beautiful colorful illustrations, it encourages your little one to learn. For example while mommy knew Uranus and Neptune are dark and cold planets, did you know that Ice Crystals were what give Uranus it’s blue color?

The simplicity of the book is the main attraction. With 26 pages of fun facts, there are little prompts to ask to see if your little one is learning. For example the photo above asks you to point to the red planet which is Mars. So not only am I learning about the planets, but I’m also learning colors. There are also fun connect the dots  to make it even more fun.

Now while I mentioned that Hello World: Solar System was my favorite, Hello World: Weather does not disappoint either. This one takes introduces you to your every day weather and even shares how you dress for that weather. It starts off by asking what my weather was like outside today. It could either be sunny, windy, cool, rain or snow. So how do I dress for the sun? With a sun hat, t-shirt, shorts and sandals.

Your little one will love to point out the different pieces of clothing that you wear with each weather. You can even compare the weather and how different each are, why you would need a sweater if it’s cool instead of just a t-shirt. This is a fun way to bring the outside world and love of nature to your little one’s world.

Together these books make the perfect beginner books to introduce your little one to the world. Your little ones will love cuddling up with you while they learn about the world around them. They’ll love the beautiful illustrations and the simple language make learning lots of fun.

Let’s discuss: How do you teach your little one’s about the world around them? 

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