Get Your Prepaid Wireless Needs at Safeway

As a mother of teenagers and a pre-teen, well not quite since he’s 10, I try to find as much ways as I can to save a few dollars. After all I’m a family of 5 which means that I also have to buy a lot of food. Having boys who can eat you out of house and home isn’t any fun at all. I can buy a box of cookies, put them in the cookie jar at 1pm and by 4pm they’re all gone. No joke! One of the ways I manage to save is at the grocery store and Safeway always have me covered. Now one thing that all teenagers want, actually all kids to be exact, is a cell phone. One thing that I DID NOT want to do was to get them a monthly plan where I would be spending an arm and a leg. That’s where a prepaid wireless came in handy and guess what? Safeway had me covered there too.

My 14 year old uses his cell phone for social media while my 10 year old uses his for games. There have been times where I would call both of them back to back and it would take them about an hour to get back to me. Now why would I pay a monthly bill for that? I love the fact that I’m under no contract and that I can terminate their phone at any time. Seems a bit cruel right, but the worst punishment a kid can think of right now is taking their phone away and trust me sometimes it’s worth it. With a monthly plan, I’d take their phone away but I’d still be paying a bill, no more of that! Now did you know that you can save on prepaid wireless cards when you buy them at the grocery?

Yes you can! From 5/6 to 6/23 – Safeway is featuring 10x fuel rewards on TracFone and NET10 wireless cards. This is how it works. For every dollar spent on wireless cards to refill your prepaid phone, you’ll get 10 fuel rewards. With the price of gas going up you’re going to need all the savings you can get.

So how does the savings add up?

If you purchase a $50 wireless card, you get 500 fuel rewards ($50 x 10 fuel points). That’s equal to $.50 off per gallon, or a $7.50 savings on a 15 gallon tank of gas! Fuel rewards can be redeemed at Safeway fuel stations, and any Chevron or Texaco station. Visit Safeway for more details.

So if you’re a prepaid user who buys groceries and we all do, purchase your cards at your local Safeway. Kill two birds with one stone as my mom would say. Don’t forget to use your loyalty card as well to increase your savings.

Buy Prepaid Wireless Cards at Safeway and SAVE : DON’T FORGET Thru 6/23, Safeway is featuring 10x fuel rewards on all TracFone and NET10 prepaid wireless cards. Learn more about Safeway’s fuel rewards program here!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of TapInfluence. The opinions and text are all mine.

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