Fun Activities to do in the Winter with Your Family

It’s currently fall but I’m already thinking about winter. While I’m not a fan of the cold temperatures, I’m however a fan of snow. I love the snow and having the kids build snowmen and make snow angels. I’ve even been known to join in the snow angel fun. However, for some, winter may bring on a case of extremely bored kids, but there are a few ways to deal with that. Today I want to share with you some ways to get creative, with this list of fun activities to do in the winter with your family, as a means to enjoy the winter break that will be arriving soon and the season as a whole.

  1. Snow Sculptures

Get that warm gear on and go outside to build a snow sculpture together.

  1. Create a Living Room BBQ

Create an indoor BBQ event with family using regular kitchen equipment but BBQ themed food and décor.

  1. Campout Inside

Bring the camping inside with the whole family, setup a tent in the living room and pretend you are outside on a camping trip.

  1. Go Sledding

Head to the local sled retailer in your area, let each family member select their own slide and get outside to go sledding.

  1. Make Snowflake Crafts

Take a day with paper and other crafty items to create snowflakes inside with the family for Winter décor.

  1. Go Ice Skating

Most towns have an ice skating rink set up at the town common, head down and get on board with making this a family tradition activity.

  1. Have a Book Reading Night

Curl up in comfy pajamas around a fireplace and read some fun Winter season books together.

  1. Write Letters to Santa

If your family celebrates Santa at Christmas time sit down and write a letter to Santa and mail it out to the North Pole.

  1. Go Light Viewing

There are many holiday light displays that appear around the area in Winter, take a night drive looking at the beautiful lights together.

  1. Throw a New Year Party

New Year arrives during the Winter season, attempt to plan a New Year’s Eve party for the family to bond together.

  1. Check Out Museums

The Winter season is a great time to check out indoor museums that you didn’t see during warmer months.

  1. Movie Theater

Hit the movie theater to see a new movie that is out, since it’s cold outside, it makes sense to catch up on the movie releases.

  1. Learn to Love Winter Crafts

This season brings on many Pinterest craft ideas that are available for families to do together. Learn to love Winter crafts.

  1. Volunteer in Community

The cold months bring many homeless into shelters, try to go volunteer at a local shelter or food bank to help others in need.

  1. Learn to Bake

The cold winter season brings on the need to warm the home up a bit, so why not learn to bake something special together?!

  1. Go Out Caroling 

This is an old tradition that has died over the years, collect the family and go door-to-door caroling in your neighborhood together.

  1. Throw a Super Bowl Party 

If football is your thing, create a huge super bowl party for friends and family to attend.

  1. Plan a Vacation

If your family has savings to do so, plan a vacation to somewhere warm during Winter break.

  1. Become a Local Tourist

With the cold weather outside you may want to go check out some indoor attractions in your local town.

  1. Sugar on Snow

A fun little treat on a snowy day is sugar on snow, grab a bowl of clean snow, pour some maple syrup on top, and enjoy!

  1. Pay Santa a Visit 

Christmas is fast approaching and nothing screams winter like a portrait with Santa. If it’s a tradition, I suggest beating the Christmas rush and getting them early. Get a family portrait, because after all, it’s the holidays!

Let’s discuss: Can you think of any other fun winter family activities? 

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