Effective Ways You Can Finally Remedy Your Varicose Vein Problem

Ways You to Remedy Your Varicose Vein Problem

Although varicose veins don’t always cause problems, they probably make you self-conscious and uncomfortable wearing your gym shorts or your favorite mini skirt. Sometimes the condition can be painful, causing sores or blood clots, but the good news is that it can be treated with various techniques and lifestyle changes. There is an abundance of people whose varicose veins have been successfully treated through surgical and non-surgical methods. If you want to find a remedy for this condition, read on to learn about some effective ways to get rid of varicose veins once and for all.

Effective Ways to Treat Your Varicose Vein Problem

Physical Activity

Physical activity is an important part of preventing varicose veins. When you move your body, you enhance your blood circulation. You need to work on moving the blood that gathers in the damaged veins back to the heart and the best way to do so is by exercising. Practice low-impact exercises like swimming, walking and stretching more often, as they help circulate the blood and loosen up your leg muscles without causing physical injuries. Moderate exercise can also help immensely with high blood pressure, which can increase the risk of developing new varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy and Laser Treatment

If you’re okay with needles, many people find sclerotherapy to be an amazing solution for varicose vein problems. Doctors inject varicose veins with a solution that scars and closes those veins. The result is extremely satisfying; the scars fade away within two weeks. The same vein may need to be injected more than once, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. Sclerotherapy can be easily performed in your doctor’s office since it doesn’t require anesthesia. 

There is also a newer technology involving laser treatments that help to close off varicose veins by sending strong pulses of light onto the vein, which makes it disappear slowly. Many people find endovenous laser ablation treatment extremely beneficial since no incisions or needles are used. It is known to be safe, effective, and affordable compared to invasive varicose vein procedures.

Weight Loss and a Healthy Diet

Being overweight or obese places more stress on your legs. In addition to the endless benefits of losing weight, slimming down will help prevent new varicose veins from forming. A healthy diet and regular exercise can go a long way towards helping you lose weight and improve vein health since dropping excess weight take unnecessary pressure off your veins. 

Everything you eat has the potential to promote or hinder the development of varicose veins, so you should follow a low-salt diet to prevent the swelling caused by water retention. Foods with fiber reduce constipation that forces you to exert physical effort while passing stool, which in turn creates abdominal pressure and aggravates vein valves. Foods high in bioflavonoids also help treat cardiovascular problems and improve blood circulation.

Effective Ways You Can Finally Remedy Your Varicose Vein Problem

Resting Your Legs

If you have a full-time job that requires you to sit for long periods, you are at a greater risk of making your varicose veins worse. Always take breaks and walk for a short while to force your leg muscles to move blood toward your heart. Schedule a similar break to sit for a while if your job requires you to stand for a long time. Additionally, you can place your feet on a high chair or stool to help the blood flow back to your heart. If varicose veins run in your family, avoid sitting in a crossed-legged position since it puts pressure on the veins. Pregnant women must elevate their legs when resting as they’re more prone to develop varicose veins.

Avoiding Tight Clothes

Wearing your favorite pair of skinny jeans constantly can place more pressure on your legs, which can make you more likely to develop varicose veins. Compression garments can have the same effect. These put pressure on your abdomen, which travels down to your legs and hinders your blood flow. Therefore, it’s best to wear comfy clothes that aren’t too snug. Loose tights and leggings are also great alternatives. Replace your high heels with low-heeled shoes since blood flows better when your foot is flat on the ground.

Even though varicose veins may not affect your health and can be treated easily, they can be a major source of insecurity and stress. You might hate wearing any clothes that show off your legs because you’re not happy with how they look. Fortunately, there are effective ways to treat and cure this condition. Some home remedies and a healthy lifestyle can relieve the symptoms of varicose veins, improve their appearance, and prevent new ones from forming. A number of simple procedures can help reduce or even get rid of your varicose veins entirely. Whether you don’t like their appearance or cannot tolerate the pain, you should know that you have plenty of options.

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