DIY White Picket Fence Flower Garden

Yearning for spring and hate gardening? Then this DIY white picket fence flower garden will help to bring a little bit of spring your way, and brighten up your day.

I’m all for spring, but hate the allergies that usually accompanies it. While I love seeing the green grass and the flowers in bloom, I absolutely detest gardening. When I was growing up, I yearned for the house with the white picket fence and all the beautiful flowers that could be seen near that fence. However, a green thumb have I not (in my best Yoda voice). Believe it or not, even the hardy cactus has been known to die in my possession. So even though flowers would be a welcome addition to my front yard, it’s not going to happen. So what to do? Instead I decided to create a fake flower garden, complete with the picket fence, one that will live forever and ever, and could even be used as decor.

DIY White Picket Fence Flower Garden

Here is what you’ll need:


Picket fence (you can either make your own or purchase one such as this)

White paint


Shredded green paper (or plastic, whichever you can find cheapest at your dollar store)

Plastic flowerpot

Floral stems


1. I purchased my picket fence, but if you decide to make one of your own, you’re going to begin by painting it white. After all, it is a white picket fence. Set aside to dry.

2. Once your picket fence is dry, cut your plastic flower pot so it is lower than your picket fence and place it in the middle of your picket fence garden. You will be placing your flowers into your flower pot to keep them together.

3. Add your shredded green paper (or plastic) around and even into your flower pot.

4. Cut your floral stems so that they’re in line with your picket fence. Place them in your flower pot and spread them out so that they look full and blooming.

You’re done and now you have your very own white picket fence flower garden. It doesn’t get any easier than this. You don’t even have to water your garden, and your flowers will bloom forever and ever.

Are you looking forward to spring and gardening? 

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