How To Decorate Your Front Door or Small Porch for the Holidays ~ #DeckTheHalls

Have a small porch or front door and need decorating ideas for the holidays? I got you covered, and I want to thank Wayfair for sponsoring this post.

I know I couldn’t be the only person who couldn’t wait for Halloween to be over. While the kids love Halloween because of the candy they receive, my favorite holiday of all time is Christmas. I have so many memories of the Christmas season spent with my parents, siblings, and other relatives. The carols, the gifts, and the decor. Oh, how I enjoy the decor! Decorating is by far my favorite thing to do around the holidays, and as soon as November 1st comes around, I pull out the Christmas decor.

While I love my home, the one thing I don’t like about it is how small my front door area is. I have a huge deck that we refurbished over the summer, so it’s perfect, but the entryway leading up to my door is relatively small, and I generally have no idea what to do with it. If you have a small front door area and you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate it for the holidays, then we’re in the same boat, and I’m here for you.

You know the term, bigger is better? Well, in our case, since the entryway is small, you don’t want to overdo it, but you can make it look spectacular for the season. Here’s what you’re going to need, and thanks to Wayfair, I was able to get all my decor in one place, in just one order.

I’ve been shopping at Wayfair for many years now, even before we purchased our home, and have had the privilege of doing a few projects with them as well, including sprucing up our old deck and transforming our entryway. The prices are always amazing, but you’ve got to be quick ordering sometimes as some items tend to sell out fairly quickly, so if you see something you love, grab it before it’s gone, but it usually will be soon.

But let’s get back to why you’re here. You’re looking for ideas on how to decorate your front door or small porch or entry area. Here’s what you’re going to need.


Who said garlands are only meant to be indoors? Running a few garlands over your front door will immediately spruce up the look of your entryway. My UPS delivery guy came to deliver a package right after I redid my front door and said, “I LOVE IT” and although I’m married, it sure made my heart skip a beat to hear that someone else appreciated it. 🥰 Now he deserves an extra special treat for the holidays!


A wreath is a necessity for the holidays. Even if you decide to forgo everything else, a simple wreath will brighten up your front door immensely. It’s the first thing that most people would see as they come up to your door to ring your doorbell. If you’re only going to be using a wreath as your only decor, I suggest the bigger, the better. While I may prefer fresh wreaths, artificial ones that I can reuse over and over, saving you money, in the long run, are my wreaths of choice. Getting a battery-enabled lighted one will light up your front door while saving money on your electricity bill over the holidays.

More Greenery aka Potted Plants

Pinecones, fir trees, berries all say Happy Holidays. And purchasing artificial plants is a great way to lively up your stoop; however, the holiday set that contained my wreath and garlands also came with potted plants that were just right.


Spring for a bright and colorful mat. Gone are the days of brown and dreary, a bright red mat is just what the doctor ordered for the holidays. I was able to find this beautiful bright red mat at Wayfair, with the words Merry & Bright, and it was perfect!


Now it wouldn’t be complete without adding an accent or two, and there’s nothing that screams Christmas more than a Nutcracker. We decided to add a Nutcracker, but you can add two to your entryway area. If you have covered steps leading up to your door, you can place the Nutcrackers in front of the door and your plants before the nutcracker. As only in front of my door is covered, I decided to put them near each other, but you can still see my plants.

I also picked up a smaller Christmas Sleigh accent. I originally wanted a particular set of gift boxes and placed them in my cart, but they were sold out by the time I got around to placing my order. Thus my statement about getting items you want sooner rather than later. They’ve since returned back in stock, so snatch them up if they’re to your liking because I will be! To pull it all together, I also added fake snow.

Wall Decor

Now you don’t HAVE to do this, but I thought my walls still looked rather bare and decided to add a wooden snowman wall decor ushering in the holidays. I actually plan on doing something to the other side as well to pull it all together, but I’m still thinking of what/how many, etc., I should get. Wayfair has an enormous wall decor selection, so your options are limitless.

There you have it. It’s so much simpler than you would think and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. I’ve always found that Wayfair prices tend to beat the local competition, and I don’t have to go into a brick-and-mortar store. Shopping online saves me time and having my items delivered means that I don’t have to do the backbreaking work of lifting them into and out of my car.

So check out Wayfair for your holiday decorating needs and spruce up that front door or porch!

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